February 3rd, 2016 - #JustWriteIt #LoveLetters

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Love is all you need, they say.

We'd say "need" is a strong word, and things like food and oxygen rank pretty high, too, but let's be honest - love is way more interesting to write about.

So for February's #JustWriteIt challenge, we want you to tell a story through love letters sent between characters - they can be made up characters, existing ones, or even a little bit of both!

Now is your chance to explore what two super unlikely characters would be like in a relationship. Darth Vader and Beyonce? We won't judge (#darthyonce ftw!)

You could even use your own actual love letters, if you want things to get real, fast. Just make sure to tag your story with #JustWriteIt and #LoveLetters so people can find it.

Ready to play Cupid? Let's do this thing. 

Take the pledge to write 10,000 words over the next 30 days here.   

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