Lexi's Fate - Chapter 2

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Lexi clung to Misty's mane as the horse sped for home. Misty was perfectly capable of flying, being a magical horse living in the underworld, but Lexi preferred the feeling of muscular hind quarters grinding against her buttocks as Misty's hooves slapped the dirt. There was something erotic about riding bareback, although Lexi had not thought of it that way until she met Hades. Now, she was living the life of a goddess, having regular sex with the god of the dead. Three months in and the thought still sent chills up her spine.

She patted the satchel on her hip, making sure it was secure. She had spent the past few hours at the home of Hecate, goddess of sorcery. Hecate had required Lexi to undergo intensive lectures about the gods of Olympus, claiming it was crucial for Lexi to understand her duties as a goddess, apart from her interest in conjugating with Hades.

Hecate also liked to use Lexi as her delivery girl, and inside Lexi's fanny pack was a sack of arugula, green onions, and cherry tomatoes to be given to the nymphs. Fiona was an excellent chef and relied heavily on Hecate's garden. Fiona had even managed to recreate Chef Pastille's vanilla fudge to perfection, but Lexi would never tell him that.

The other package Lexi carried home was her monthly dose of wild yam powder, a medicinal she used as a contraceptive. Lexi may have agreed to be Hades's consort, but she had just turned eighteen, and she wanted to wait until her godly powers matured before she got knocked up. She had eternity to think about it, after all, and she was having too much fun riding the waves of passion with her handsome god.

The palace bridge came into view, reminding Lexi of her meeting with Hades and of another bridge she had yet to cross. Persephone was due to arrive in a few days' time, and Lexi was worried as hell. Although the nymphs gushed about Persephone's goodness, Lexi couldn't decide if this made her less or more worried. Would Persephone's goodness trump anything Lexi brought to the table? Was Lexi destined to play the second-string mate for eternity? Sometimes she wondered if she was crazy in love or just plain crazy.

While most girls lost their virginity to their high school sweetheart or the boy next door, Lexi had celebrated her eighteenth birthday by climbing into the back of a limo and doing the deed with a near total stranger. As it turned out, their love grew like wildfire, and now she could not imagine her life without Hades. Of course, she didn't want to see him in the arms of another woman, sharing a secret smile or a lusty kiss, but that was reality. Lexi was the mistress, the other woman, the meager demigod. But she still had a heart.

Misty snorted, distracting Lexi from her desperate thoughts as if she knew what they were, and Lexi noticed Hades waiting for her at the foot of the bridge, dressed in a powder blue shirt and heather gray pants, his white robe laying over one arm. Even from fifty yards, Hades's elegant bearing gave him the appearance of royalty, and Lexi waved excitedly as she let the subject of mates and mistresses drop. For now, she was still his sole desire.

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