Chapter 7

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  A week has passed since Lucy become Natsu's mate and live with him also with Igneel. Igneel and Lucy has become closer, like how father and daughter are. Igneel was happy that he could have another person to live with, especially when it is Natsu's mate. Igneel was even more happier when he know that Lucy could almost do everything. Cooking, sewing, dance, knowledge, archery, swimming, almost everything.

  Natsu on the other side, has become closer to Lucy than Igneel. It was because they're mate. To Natsu, no one could become closer to Lucy more than Natsu did. Everyday, Natsu's love would always grow. So did Lucy's. Natsu even end up building a small wooden house for Lucy. Natsu know that living in a cave wasn't really comfortable. So he build a small house beside the cave for Lucy. The house consist a comfy pink bed and a bathroom along with small kitchen for her to cook.

  Every morning, Natsu and Lucy would go to the market and buy what they need. And every time they did, Lucy will always visit the fancy mansion for a minute. Sometimes Natsu follow her and ask her about the house. But Lucy didn't answer. Instead, she will only shook her head softly and walk away. Natsu know it must have been something about her bad past but didn't want to push more.

  And then after breakfast and lunch, Igneel and Natsu will train for hour while Lucy will stay at the house while reading some book she borrowed from library. After that there are bonding time. They will sit in one place and talk about themselves or something else. Natsu and Igneel will sometimes hunt for some animal to eat. That's how their day work.

  Today was the same. Natsu and Lucy was about to head to the market. Slowly walking to the city's entrance hand in hand, they talk about something. Soon, they arrive at the market. Like how usual it is, the market was filled with many scent. Talking sound was heard from everywhere. People were walk in by and some shouting to come and buy their product.

  Lucy and Natsu immediately head toward the fish one. Lucy decide to cook fish today. The fish was extremely fresh today, surprising Lucy.

  "Whoa... It look really fresh today." Lucy said.

  "Oh, you have a great sense, Ms. It was fresh, just arrive from the sea." The salessman said politely.

  "Really? I'll buy it!" Lucy exclaimed making the salessman smile in exictedment.

  Soon, the shopping was done. After buying fish, Lucy buy some vegetable and some spicy's sauce too for Natsu and Igneel. Lucy also buy some new clothes for her and a brush for Igneel. Few days ago, Lucy started to rub Igneel's skin, saying that it must've feel good. Igneel immediately like it and once two days will call her to do it. Using her hand was a bit difficult and exhausting so she decide to buy a huge brush to do it.

  "So, to that mansion again?" Natsu ask with her usual adorable grin.

  "No. I want to go to the library today." Lucy said with a hint of sadness in it. She was of course sad because of this. She has used to see the mansion everyday for comfort although that it could bring a little pain too. But she didn't have any book to read again at the house. She had read all the book. So she decide to borrow some more book.

  "Alright." Natsu said, then head to the library.

  There was only one library in the town and was considered as one of the library in Fiore that has almost all of the book. So it was perfect for Lucy. The library itself was placed right in front of the city's catherdal. It was a bit old-looking because was build a hundred hears ago. They haven't even want to renovated it, only clean it. Inside of the library was full of many kind of book and a room to read. It was comforting inside.

  Lucy immediately search for any book that could interest her. She wasn't really into fashion magazine, so she didn't go to that section. She go to the adventure's book which was placed a little bit at the corner. She got herself about four book of adventure and think that it was enough. But a book's title caught her eyes. 'E.N.D' , it write there.

  "E.N.D? Is that an adventure novel?" Lucy muttered. Shrugging it, she take it and let the library keeper know that she will borrow it for a week.

  After the activity at the city was done, they head back to the forest. Lucy started to cook the fish she bought while Natsu and Igneel was talking about how delicious the dish will be. The dish was then finished after about thirty minutes.

  The lunch was usual, noisy and cheerful. After lunch, like usual, they headed to a meadow they used to train. This time Lucy followed with some books in her hand. Igneel and Natsu was talking when suddenly Igneel stopped and stared at the books at her hand. Lucy realized this and immediately stopped and give him a confusing look then peeked at her book.

  "Igneel?" Natsu ask with the same confusion as Lucy's.

  "Yeah?" He answered without even stopping glaring at the book as if the book got him mad.

  "Er... You've been glaring at the book?" He said unsurely but was enough to snapped Igneel back to earth.

  Igneel was surprised, very surprised. How could a book about 'that' still existed? He remembered that all the book about 'that' has been destroyed by him. So how could it still there?

  Maybe it was just a title? The inside must have not be about that. Igneel assured himself in his mind.

  Not even answering Natsu's last question, he continue to walk leaving the two of them stood in confusion but followed soon.

  Natsu was confused. He know very well that Igneel rarely glaring at something or even someone. He has always been kind to everybody. He will only glare if that thing was considered dangerous. So why was he galring at the book? Was the book dangerous? He didn't understand. How could a book was dangerous? But he shrugged it off and started to walk back, huming a tune.

  As for Lucy, the glare just make her even more corious about the book. She know the book must have been interesting and she guessed that maybe Igneel the book. But then, why did he glare at it fiercely as if he want to take and rip it into many pieces. But she took the same reaction as Natsu, shrugging it and walk back.


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