A School in The Air. Part 15

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Jenny's POV  Two and a half years later..

So many things had happened in the past few years. Some of them worth telling, and some not worth telling.

It was so quiet when first listening to the noises that woke with the day that I heard from inside my bedroom. Just laying there on my bed looking up at the ceiling as I tried to identify each of those sounds outside that were emerging as the sun began its rise up and over the vast and beautiful landscape that I have come to call home.

It has been a tumultuous few years since I've been here, with a lot of that time spent in and out of hospitals too. Sometime's I would be in the Darwin Royal Hospital, but at other times I would have to be flown to the Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane for the more specialised treatments.

One of the scariest visits in the hospital would have to be when they had fixed my heart. I am so very grateful for all the doctors and nurses that had made it possible for me to live a normal life again. I can now do some of the things that I only dreamed of doing before coming here to The Territory with Mum.

This place has become, not just a safe haven for me, but a true home too. My thirst for local some of the knowledge regarding the land as well as it's people has grown so much since I came here. I have met some of the most interesting people that habitually come through the place. People that I have learned go 'walkabout' when they get the 'calling' or whatever it is that it's called when the people do this.

But that wasn't true I found.

I asked some of the elders (as they are called) what it really meant and this is what they said to me.

'Walkabout is when the boy becomes a man after spending time in the bush. It isn't just a physical change he goes through, but a spiritual change too. All that needs to be provided for with food and shelter, has to be provided by the one making the change themselves into adulthood.'

Well, it was something like that.

I didn't fully understand it, but 'Jack-jack' simply said that, 'You go walk about the earth, you survive, you live, you comeback. Then you can do anything once you become one with mother earth.'

I think I liked it when he said it like that and I also thought that I would like to go walkabout too one day. I told them I would too. The elders that visited just looked at me and then the oldest one of them all just smiled and waved her hands at me. I didn't know what that meant, but 'Jack-jack' said later that one day, I would take the walk. But not alone.

Sadly, today, Walkabout has come to be referred to as "temporal mobility" because its original name has been used as a derogatory term in Australian culture, demeaning its spiritual significance. That was really sad I thought.

But I was wondering what that walk would be like to take.

Hearing my door slowly open, I closed my eyes and pretended to still be asleep as I heard the sound of little footsteps trying to sneak closer to me. Hearing little giggles made it difficult to stay pretending  I was trying to be asleep. It was a moment later that they struck.

"Gotoo" I heard from one little voice. "Mumma" I heard from another and they pounced on me thinking they had surprised me in a sneak attack. Then I felt them bouncing all over me giggling and laughing.

"Arrrr. Got you too." I yelled as I jumped up and snagged the two little girls by the waist and fell back on the bed with them over me squealing , with them squirming as I tickled them both. It was only a moment or two before the third set of little feet was heard coming through the door before we felt those same legs begin to jump up and down on my bed.

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