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I wake up and opens my eyes.

I must have imagined the pain. But then I feel another wave and I know it's for real.

I suddenly have hard to breathe before subsides again.

Cato is snorig tired beside me. He has been sleeping over the last few days because we're so close to the childbirth.

I push him on the shoulder but he dosen't wake up. I get a new wave of pain and I get so hurt that I can't even scream.

When it's over I'll take my water glass and pour the contents over Cato.

His reaction is immediate and he sits up.

"What? What?" he asks confused.

"I think it's the time now", I say through clenched teeth when a new wave of pain washes over me.


"I said..." I begin, but he interrupts me.

"I heard you", he says terrified and jumps out of bed.

Cato panics. He runs around the room, looking for his clothes. He puts on his pants and with his shirt in his hand he snatches up the door and runs out.

"Mr. Sevina, help, Mr. Sevina it's time", I hear him scream while I try to take me put of the bed. But with such a big belly and pain to deal with the Hunger Games was easier.

I hear a door open and Cato's voice:

"Mr. Sevina wake up, it's time, it's time, it's time, what should I do, what should I do?"

Then I hear my father's voice:

"Cato! Calm down, first and foremost, you should help her get dressed as you do every morning, so we can go to the hospital were the staff will take care of everything, you have to be calm to do this. Can you do this?"

It's quiet for a moment. I think Cato's fainted inside my father's bedroom, but then I hear his voice:

"Yes. Yes I can handle this".

A second later, Cato comes running into the room again but he calms down and smiles a little.

He takes out one of the large dresses I've used recently.

"Here babe", he says calmlyand hands me the dress.

"It would be easier to get the dress if I could come up from this damn bed", I roared at him, angry that he dosen't seem to see that I'm still trying to get me out of the bed and can't take the dress.

"Oh sorry", he says and chuckles.

He throws the dress on the bed and walks up to me.

He puts an hand on my back and take his other hand in mine and pulls me up.

I'm still mad at him, so I take the dress without saying anything.

"Clove you can't do that yourself", he says.

You may not be this big when your pregnant. If. You're not pregant with twins, which I am.

He's trying to take the dress from me, but I snatch it back.

"I can handle myself, thanks", I say hard.

"Babe I'm sorry that I panicked", Cato said and takes my hand.

I clenched my teeth and becomes teary-eyed from the pain, I couldn't and won't scream in fromt of Cato. But I have to get support from him to avoid falling to the floor.

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