Chapter 11- What will become of this? (Akemi's POV)

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(This is the first time in a while in writing in Akemi's POV. So, enjoy. Hope you guys like this)

Akemi's POV

Well, now I feel bad. But it's not my fault. They had no right to go snooping through my stuff. Oh, god. He must know now. Shit! Welp, this sucks...... That is really embarrassing! "Akemi.... are you okay?" Yuki asks. Oh yeah, I forgot he was here. I was holding my diary so tightly, I'm surprised it didn't snap in half. "Y-yeah..." I answer, then I look back at him. "No, I'm not...." He walked over and sat down next to me gently. "It's okay...." He leaned forward, pressing out foreheads together. I looked at his soft lips and yearned for their touch. I heard the door sliding open and Yuki and I, yet again, shot apart awkwardly. Tohru is at the door. "Akemi! Are you okay? I was so worried an-" "She's okay." Yuki said. "Well," Tohru asked. "Want me to make you something? Leek soup or something?" LEEKS? Ick. "No thank you." I say. "I should be fine." "Are you sure?" She asks. "I wouldn't mind." "I'm okay." I said. "Okay, then I'll just be leaving?" She awkwardly walks out, closing the door behind her. I took a deep breath. "It's not good to be so stressed, it can cause heavy breathing which will hurt your ribs." He said concerning. "I know I shouldn't, but it's hard not to." I turned to look at him. "How did you know about my nightmares?" I ask. "You talk in your sleep." He simply answers." Aha. My suspicions were correct. I looked at my feet. "They weren't that bad." Yuki looked at me. "From what I heard, it was pretty graphic. Akemi, you narrate your dreams." Oh...." I said, the dream coming to me. (Since it will be graphic I will not add it, but if this chapter gets 5 votes, I'll add the dream as a different chapter.) Yuki grabbed my shoulder and I almost jumped. "C'mon lets go see Kyo and Haru." I gave him a look. "Are you f---ing kidding me?!" I demanded. "Oh.... right..... Shigure?" I considered it. "Okay...." I finally said.

I walked downstairs and Shigure was studying his oh-so-important calligraphy. "Oh, why don't you kids go upstairs talk to Kyo, or Haru?" See, even he knows Tohru tends to irritate me! "Um, no, I'd rather not." "Hmm? Why?" he asked. Way to pry. I gave him a death glare, but he didn't even flinch. "What happened?" he asked. I turned away. "Does it matter?" I murmur. Shigure gave me a serious look. Surprising, coming from him. "Akemi.... we are friends, you should talk to me for help." I DON'T NEED ANYONE'S HELP, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!! "Nothing.... he just read my diary an-" Shigure interrupted me. "AWW! AKEMI YOU HAVE A DIARY?! THAT IS JUST TOO CUTE! OH MY GOD!!!" See why I was surprised? I slam my hands on the table. "Shut up!" I say in a dark voice. "Akemi....." Shigure said in a worried voice. "It was only a-" I cut him off. "Don't give me that shit!" I said raising my voice. I was scared of myself. Where did this voice come from?! It way like my brain wasn't connected to my mouth. I never acted like this before..... What will become of this? "Oh, god..." I heard Haru's voice. I whipped my heard toward him.

He was standing in the doorway, with Kyo. I felt my anger consume my very being as I screamed. "WHAT?! DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANNA SAY? YOU DOUCHEBAG?!!!" Kyo tapped Haru. "She's like you when you turn black..." My hand snapped forward and I pulled Kyo down by his shirt. "Oh, first you read my diary and now you're calling my a bipolar freak?!"

The moment I said that... I wanted to take it back. In ten seconds, Yuki, Shigure, and Kyo were taken aback, I swung my hand to my mouth, and Haru had his Black Haru face on. Before he could say anything, I turn and walk upstairs.... knowing I hurt one of the people I care for the most.

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