Repercussions Part 14

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This went on for a few minutes before we settled on the lounge with Jimmy between us.

Looking back at the detective, we introduced him to Jimmy.  I wanted to ask the detective to finish speaking, but didn't think that Jimmy should hear whatever it was that he was about to say. I was about to ask Claire if she could come and take him, but what happened next absolutely floored all of us.

"Did Aunty Vi and Sissy get away okay?" Little Jimmy asked.

Looking at him in shock, Graeme asked our son, "What do you mean, son?"

"I know you said that Sissy was gone, but I saw Aunty Vi at her place and ran over to ask her how Sissy was. Since I knew from what yous were saying that Aunty Vi was going to look after Sissy from now on." He was saying as he kicked his feet back and forth on the lounge.

"But she was on the phone. She was talking about the plane getting ready for Jenny and that they would be in the air soon and on there way home. Aunty said they'll be there in a few days." He said as he looked up and smiled at me and his father.

We then looked up at the detective and I asked him. "Where is our daughter?" In a no nonsense voice that means business and don't muck around with me kind of voice.

"To keep her safe we sent them off shore." He said.

"What do you mean, off shore?" Claire butted in and asked. "You mean, out of the country, don't you?" She also asked him.

"Your daughter actually did see something when she had those papers. She dropped them when she got to the MacNulty's place. Mrs MacNulty saw this happen and said that Jenny looked at the papers and put them back in order, but said she was frowning when she was doing it." He said.

"Because of what she saw, we had to put implements in place to safeguard her. And that meant helping her leave the country. When her health improves and as this all finishes through court, then she will be home. Back with you." He finished by saying.

"But where is she?" I asked begging for an answer with tears in eyes..

"Don't cry mummy, Sissy went home  with aunty to the territory." Jimmy said as he reached up and cuddled me.

"What territory?" I asked in confusion.

"Me and Sissy spent lots of time with Aunty Vi. She use to tell us stories about when she was growing up in the territory. That was along time ago before she met uncle George and came here." Jimmy was explaining to us.

"She use to tell us all about the boomers, jumbucks and old salties. She had such exciting stories. I hope I get to see them one day myself when I get bigger." Jimmy was saying. I have to admit that I have no idea what he was talking about.

"So where did she go?" I asked Jimmy feeling confused.

"She went to Stralya." Jimmy said. I could only frown. I have never heard of this place.

Jeremy just laughed. "Oh my goodness." Claire then said. "Oh my, Oh my, Oh my. " She kept saying.

"What?"  I snapped at her. "What?"

"Your daughter has gone to the most dangerous place on the face of this earth." She said with a smile.

"Oh my god." I thought. "She went to Australia, didn't she?" I asked the detective.

"Of course Mum, it's so cool that she got to go there. It's so exciting in Australia. I want to go there too." Jimmy was saying as he bounced up and down on the lounge between his father and I who were sitting there stunned.

"For how long?" I whispered. Wanting to know how long our girl was going to be there facing all those dangers, even if she was with her Aunt. Not that Vi was her real aunt. She was Graeme's cousins wife. Like a cousin in law to us. But she was about our age, but maybe a little younger.

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