Repercussions Part 14

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Elaine Roberts POV..

It was obvious that Rachel did not realise that there would be repercussions with her actions. She thought if she just got my little girl out of the way along with her own abusive father, then that would be the end of it and everything would just fall into her lap, so to speak. But it doesn't work out that way.

She was old enough to choose her actions. She also should have known that some things that were wrong, like her father abusing her, should have been reported. She could have chosen to speak to someone. But she chose not to for some reason. Now she has to accept that her actions have hurt a lot of people and now everyone will know about it.

The moment that we finished watching the film on our sons camera, Graeme walked out of the lounge room and went into his office and without hesitation, picked up the phone and made a phone call that would change our lives again. He called the number the detectives gave him a few weeks ago.

Within an hour, Rachel was removed from our home and taken into protective custody. It seems that the papers that she took were extremely important to that business and they would do anything to make sure that no one would say anything about them just in case they were understood by the one who handled them.

So now Rachel was a target like Jenny had been.

"Thank you very much for your co-operation, Mr and Mrs Roberts. We will examine this again and return the camera to you. But I have to say that the film is now evidence and will be used in the court case that we're working on in relation to Mr MacNulty's and Denning's involvement.

"How is Mr MacNulty? We haven't really heard anything and even Mack here (motioning to where Mack was still sitting with traces of tears on his face) is concerned about his father." I asked them.

"With his input, plus the information your daughter gave before she left.." He was interrupted.

"What do you mean, left. Our daughter died two weeks ago." Graeme said which caused a frown on the bald detective's face.

"Who told you that she died?" He asked us quietly.

"The hospital rang and said she was gone. It happened not long after she flatlined after going into cardiac arrest." I said to him as I took hold of Graeme's hand.

"The hospital wouldn't tell us anything after we delivered those papers to Vi at the hospital. The papers you wanted us to give her so that she could keep Jenny safe." Graeme said with a look of pain on his face. I squeezed his hand tighter.

"We were just told we lost our daughter. We lost her." Graeme was saying as he then rubbed his hands over his face. "We weren't given any more information about her." He added.

Sitting down on a chair in front of them, he looked at them and was about to speak when the door opened.

"MUM. DAD. I'M HOME." Jimmy yelled through the house as he came through the door at the back of the house. Then we heard him stomping his way in a hurry to where he thinks we were, listening to him open and closed doors along the way.

 In just a moment, we saw our son coming through the door and before we could move, he threw himself at us.

"I have missed you." He said with a big laugh. "Really missed you. Can I come home now?" Jimmy asked after  he gave us a big hug each and some sloppy kisses.

"Ugh yuck, boy. You're not a dog to slobber all over your poor old parents." Graeme said as he grabbed our son. "This is how you do it." Where he proceeded to tickle him and kiss him all over his face causing Jimmy to squeal in laughter.

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