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Pen Your Pride

Note to self:

One month ago I was just starting school, I thought that everything would be good and normal... I thought wrong, I should have thought Chresanto August. Let me take you back to what happened...

It was the day after I had made out with Chresanto and it felt pretty weird, I had only known him for a day.. well less than that and I had already had his tongue shoved down my throat if I had been any more leading I'm sure he would have shoved his dick into my vagina also but lets not get ahead of ourselves. We agreed that we would get to know each other considering we got off to such a great start, I laughed at the thought, so that's what we did got to know each other.

Me: "Hey Chresanto wait up!" I said getting out of my adopted mothers car.

Chresanto: "Hey Jess! I'm so happy to see you everyone's driving me mad I've only been here for five minutes!"

Me: "You cant hel-"

Girl: "Chresanto! Come over here sexy!"

Chresanto: "Oh bitch please! Tell your boyfriend when he gets out of hospital I'll send him back.. again! Leave it yeah?"

Me: "You sent her boyfriend to hospital?"

Chresanto: "Well I told him not to fuck with me, he hit me so I beat him up he asked for it Jess."

Me: "Where did he hit you?"

Chresanto: "Erm... Ok he tried to hit me but I dodged him now be scared like everyone else I beat up or talk to!"

Me: "Hey! Who said I was scared? I like guys that can fight, I mean if they cant look after themselves that's just freakish."

Chresanto: "Your so understanding of me, I like that."

Me: "damn, thanks I don't know what to say..."

Chresanto: "Hey let your lips do the talking." He winked at me and smashed his lips into mine taking it slowly at first then deepening the kiss fully, I heard gasps from around us and girls screaming out in anger but I couldn't even take my lips away to look at them.

Me: "Okay..."

Chresanto: "Damn I didn't mess anything up did I? I mean I'm not going to fast?"

Me: "Nope,  your just my friend with a benefit." I winked at him


Days had usually been carrying on like that, just us going to each others houses, spending time together, getting to know one another and then it would usually end up in us kissing and I cant deny the fact I liked it, the feel of his hair between my fingers, his soft lips moving insync to mine, his hands around my waist holding me up or his hands holding my arms up whilst pushing me against the wall... I loved it all and I'm not going to stop loving it either no matter the amount of jealous girls stare my way or flirt with him, I know he wont do anything with them because he always talks to me telling me about how much he hates them and how he beats up their boyfriends, I've seen him fight twice but its the boys that start on him, but one of them times it was a boy trying it on with me and he was just getting protective... He was so sexy when he was angry but I didn't want him to get hurt, that's why when I hit him in the balls for tickling me and he laid on the floor for ages I couldn't help but be scared, then he made sure I made him feel 'better' should I say... So yeah I sucked his dick, it was his idea and he was the only person I had ever done it to and I'm the only person he had got it off so it was different... It took our friendship to another level.

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