Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


When I wake up, it's my assistants that awakens us.

Clove becomes embarrassed and jumps out of bed. She rushes out the door to her room, where her own assistants are waiting.

Today is the interview. Okay it shouldn't ber too hard, even though I know what definitely will be the topic; the baby.

I sit patiently while my assistants fix me.

When Makenna enters the room, I almost was about to hit all three of them, but I kept calm.

Makenna pushes out those annoying assistents and closes the door. I like Makenna. She's kind and not at all afraid of me, even though I threatened her the first day I met her. She snarled at me and refused to take it. I respect her for that.

"As handsome as usual", Makenna said and nods approvingly to the suit.

"Not without your work Makenna", I say.

"But it wasen't my work that got Clove attaching her eyes on you", Makenna said dismissively. "That must mean you are handsome in any outfit".

I look in the mirror. I see nothing special. A guy with big muscles is all I see. No good looking, handsome winner. Even though I feel like a winner. I won the Hunger Games and I got Clove.

I was right, the Hunger Games was our lives biggest adventure yet. But. Soon we will start a new adventure: Parenting. It feels weird to think about, but what to do? That's were we are going ... in about eight months.

When I arrive to the interview Clove is already sitting there. She's talking to Adam and Skylie. Keela stands beside and looks Clove now end then. How could I have missed the brotherly love that exists in his eyes before?

When I come, Esmeralda jumps out from nowhere and scares the life out of me. But I don't show that I got scared, for Cato isn't afraid of anything. Nothing at all.

The program starts.

"Hello you two", Esmeralda said with a broad smile.

"Hi there", I say.

"Much happened at the arena", Esmeralda said with an even bigger smile. "Much excitement, adrenalin and of course a lot of emotions".

Now Esmeraldas smile is bigger then I've ever seen someone grin. What is wrong with this woman? 

"A lot of everything, maybe you could say then", I hear Clove say.

"Yes you really can", Esmeralda nods. "You did pretty good right? Few minor injuries, but nothing to serious".

"I guess so, but it hur a bit when Clove stabbed me with that knife in my arm", I laugh.

Cloves lower lip trembling. She is still ashamed that she stabbed me.

"It wasen't on purpose", she says quietly.

I laugh.

"I know", I say.

"Still very emotional, huh Clove?" Esmeralda asking.

"Mm", Clove said.

"How do you feel about the pragnancy?"

There the question came. I feel how Clove starts to shake, but just a little, not visible, but I feel it because I sit so close to her.

"Quite all right", Clove said.

Esmeralda dosen't seem setisfied with her answer.

"You seemed shocked", she says.

"Well of course, I'm only sixteen and Cato is only eighteen, none of us is ready to become parents for crying out loud", Clove said angry.

"Why did you have a physical relationship then?" Esmeralda asks.

I feel myself blush when she said that ... TO EVERYONE IN PANEM. I can almost see my private life slowly fly with the wind.

"Because we love each othe", I say stubbornly.

"Yes and even though I'm not ready, I will love my child", Clove said and looked at me, not forcing to say it, but I do.

"Me too", I say and take Cloves hand. "I will also love our baby".

Clove lit up like the sun. It's the first time she hears me say it.

"Well more can't a child require", Esmeralda said tearful.

Before I know it, we sit on the train back to District 2, back to our home. To our parents. Our parents! Oh no. How have they taken everything with the pragnancy? Suddenly I do get a bit scared. My parents will be really angry. Even though I'm a winner in the Hunger Games, I'm still their eighteen year old son that made a girl pregnant. And Cloves dad will kill me.

When we come to the station we are met by screamig hooting and cheering people. Cameras flashes and we smile and wave.

I see a glimpse of my parents. They don't look angry, just happy and proud. I see my mother glance at Clove, and to my surprise she gave her a very loving look that she hasen't given anyone other then me and my brothers before.

I'm filled with warmth throughout my body. What can go wrong with my life now?


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