Tidal Wave - Prologue

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A/N: So this is my first attempt at making my writing public in any capacity (I mean besides sporadically blogging about my daily gripes). So although I am open to some constructive criticism please be kind in doing so (i mean i am just a girl with feelings). I have my own ideas on where/how this story will eventually end but please comment if you also have some ideas that you would like me to consider. Smooches lovlies!

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: I really hate to waste anytime doing this but please remember this is MY ORIGINAL WORK and the copying or distributing of my content in any way is a crime punishable by law. DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE any parts of my story without my permission.

WARNING: This is a work of fiction and all characters, locations, situations and scenarios are not real and are written as fanfiction, mash-up, parody and/or satire. Please enjoy.


This story follows the life and times a girl named Bria who finally scores her dream job working for Tidal, the new music streaming service. Her position as Assistant to the CEO would allow her to regularly rub elbows with the music's top hit makers and high societies most valuable taste makers, but the best part of her job becomes her secret affair with her boss - Jay Z himself... or so she thinks.

When rumours begin to rumble through the company about the secret affair between Bria and Jay, Jay gets nervous about saving himself and his business while Bria gets excited about the possibilities of finally letting the world in on her secret whirlwind romance. Once confronted by the board of investors Bria is devastated to find out that Jay denies everything about their relationship and she is forced to reveal evidence that she never wanted to see the light of day.

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