So I'm starting to wrap up RTK. Don't worry though! I haven't passed the big climax or anything! 

I just am getting ready for the final fight to happen so I can finish it off. It's been a long ride and a MASSIVE effort. 

So I'll be starting my next big story soon (two girls, one guy is just a side project) and I want to know you opinion on the names "Skylar and Maver". Do they work as a pair? Do you like the names?

Buckle in your seatbelts. This chapter could get violent

Ruby xoxo:)


Max's POV

I lay in my bed, looking up at the ceiling. I hadn't been home in two days and I knew I couldn't run away from Jade forever.

Speaking of, I could hear her pottering around downstairs. My guess was that she was feeding Caleb and from the sounds of things, solids weren't going down to well with him.

'God Caleb! Why can't you eat the damn banana! It's not that different from your old stuff! Look, mummy will eat it: num num num num'

I sniggered to myself. It was pretty funny to listen to, but I bet Angel would have sounded hotter doing it.

Thinking of Angel brought thoughts of Marcus to the forefront of my mind. There had been a black car following us to the mall yesterday and I was dead sure he was in it. What was worse was that Angel had definitely noticed it. I was going to find Marcus today, and I was going to tell him exactly where he should stick his stalking habits. 

Crossing over to my cupboard, I pulled out a pair or black jeans and a white V-neck. Tossing a blue plaid hoodie over the top, I walked down stairs

'Hey Maxi, I made breakfast'

'Don't call me Maxi please, Jade. Breakfast would be great though'

Jade pouted 'You never used to mind it...'

Yeah, when you were my girlfriend I didn't mind it. I mentally snorted. Now it was a completely different matter.

Jade placed a plate of food in front of me. The scrambled eggs and bacon were calling my name, so I wolfed them down quickly, trying to think of a plan of action towards Marcus. I figured that I would drive to somewhere deserted, and hope he followed me like yesterday. I'd do what I needed to do, and leave. Hopefully unharmed.

I got up from the table and grabbed my keys. 

'Where are you going?' Jade looked at me suspiciously and I found myself suddenly annoyed at her. Why must she always be so fucking clingy?!

'Out' I shut the door behind me, none too quietly, and proceeded to my car. I back out of the drive and as I swung onto main, I looked behind me to find the same black car from yesterday. Marcus obviously wasn't too bothered about anyone realising he was stalking them.

Taking a route I had driven down many times before, I came to a small park. The place was always empty and I remembered all the times I had come here for peace and quiet, when memories of my past had become all too much. Funny how I was now leading a piece of my past to the very place where I had once escaped it.

I parked the car and got out, following the black car quickly to where I saw Marcus get out. He walked to the place where I had stationed my car, and crouched behind a bush watching for me.


He swung around and lost his balance, landing on the ground with a thump.

'Max...' Marcus pushed himself up slowly, looking warily at me

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