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Private School Secrets

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Just take a picture baby

Look at what I'm wearing

Just take a picture baby 

No need for staring…

Lydia Cole struck a pose as she finished applying #27 There's No Place Like Home Ruby Red Lipstick, and admired her outfit in the mirror. She was wearing a turquoise one-sleeve micro-mini, with layers of satin bouncing as she bobbed and clicked to the beat of the song. Silver gladiator heels adorned her freshly manicured feet, and her hair was straightened to glossy perfection. She was ready for THE party of the year. The defining point of her transition from cutesy seventh-grader, straight A student to fabulous, mysterious, gorgeous eighth grader. Her mother, Greta, was under the impression Lydia was sleeping over at her best friend, Jess's house, but this was far from true. Sure, Lydia was getting dropped of at 72 Woodacre Drive, but, 20 minutes later when Jess's mother had left for book club, they were going to party hard at Tara Drover (the NINTH grader)'s house party! There were going to be loads of cute boys there! Boys from St Margaret's Catholic School's brother school, Frederick DeVon School. Lydia, having gone to only-girls schools all her life (unfortunately for her, St Margs was no different) was determined to hook up with a fit boy. She had no previous experience with the opposite gender, but she was going to fake confidence as best she could, and for that to work she needed a fab outfit. Lydia nervously hitched up her training bra, praying no-one would notice the four cotton balls stuffed in each cup. 

Her mother's voice- echoed up the winding staircase.

"Lydia, I'm going to leave now - I have reservations for dinner with your father. Are you sure you'll be alright to go to Jessica's on your own?"

"Yes mom, I''m just packing my PJs. Have fun with Dad," she called down the stairs. Lydia was shaking with excitement. She did a final twirl in the mirror, admiring her choice of MAC cosmetics - skilfully stolen (albeit not skilfully applied, as shown by the wobbly eyeliner and lipstick on her teeth) from her mother's make up kit, and skipped down the stairs, tripping on her stilettos as she went.

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