Eight: Rachel

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Adam's POV

It's been a week and three days since (y/n) tried to kill herself. It's been very sad here without her here, sure she was only here for three weeks but in those three weeks she really did bring joy to the place, with her humor and her random gifts that she'd bring.

Ross stayed with (y/n) every chance he could but since today was Sunday there was no visitations in the area in the hospital she was in, Ross had to stay home, or I should say had to stay at the offices.

Ross' POV

"Adam I can't find any butter knifes" I yelled from the kitchen area. "Ross!" Max yelled as he saw me with stake knife in my hand and obviously assumed the worst. "Relax Max I'm just using this to put butter on my toast" I explained. "Ross ya might wanna come into the room I'm in" Adam yelled from the next room over.

"Hi Ross" A face I thought would never see again said. Rachel. "What are you doing here?" I questioned. "I just came to talk to (y/n) about her brother" Rachel said with a evil smirk. "She's uh aways" Barney said. "Oh that's too bad... I really wanted to tell her I killed her brother" Rachel spoke.

"YOU KILLED JULIUS! YOUR THE REASON (Y/N) COULD BE DEAD" I yelled as I lunged at her with the knife in my hand. "ROSS DONT YOULL BE THE SAME AS HER" Adam yelled as he held me back. His words stung like a knife but it was true, if I killed her I would just be another killer,just like her.

"Wait whys are yous telling us this" Barney asked. "Because the police are connecting the murder to me so I just wanted to tell (y/n)" Rachel explained. "Why would you kill him, just because he was (y/n)s brother?" Adam asked. "Actually to be honest I didn't even know that he was (y/n)s brother when I started dating him" Rachel explained. "Wait you too were dating?" I asked trying to stay calm. "Let me explain........

Flashback from Rachel's POV

After Ross had made a fool of me I decided to get as far away from him as possible, so I moved across the country and after a couple of days staying there I ran into Julius, we started dating and soon we came to a disagreement, so in order to black-mail him I stayed up all night researching about him and found out that he was (y/n)s brother, long story short I led him up to a tall building and pushed him off.

End of Flashback

I watched as Rachel was put in hand cuffs and was taken away. I was glad the she would soon be landing herself in jail but she was still technically the reason (y/n) is in a coma. She deserves whatever she gets.

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