Kar swiped the roots from Merryn's hand, laid them on a metal plate. He held his staff over it, now of fire again. A torch of fire burned them to ash; pouring the ashes into his hand, he went over to the runes and tossed it. The wall warped and twisted into a starless hole.

He jerked his head at her, "Go fetch him and hurry."

Parcival was a loath to hurt her, but he was not going through that. He stood and pointed his sword at her. "I refuse, and you are staying here."

She looked at Kar. "What do you think? How alive does the master need him?"

Kar squinted and smiled. "I'll leave that up to you, don't dally." He placed his hand on the portal and its darkness flooded over him and pulled him into it.

There was no gentleness in her, as she she shimmered, then stood before him. She slapped the blade between her hands, and wrenched it out of his grip. It spun across the room, embedding into a scroll case.

He moved with purpose and laid his palms on hers before she could put them down. When it was warranted, he had a few spells of his own.

"Rin I know it's you. You can drop the trickery. Now tell me where is Merryn?" He took a moment to to repeat the spell in his mind before allowing her to continue. While he touched her, she would stay immobile. He could only do this for so long, but hoped she wouldn't figure it out.

Her eyes became wide, and she hissed at him. "You want to find out? Go through the portal."

"What is behind the portal?" He gripped her hands, just enough to hurt. Enough of this.

She breathed in deep, and looked away. "The wastelands and Masters physical body. Let go!" Her voice was edged with pain. 

"Where is Merryn?" He squeezed again.

Her ears drooped down now and quivered. "The vessel is near it, unharmed for now."

"Good enough." He eased his grip and held her wrist instead. He glared at her. "You're on the wrong side. Think! How many of your people in the past have had their souls ripped from them to feed this monster? You nauseate me."

On the other side still holding her wrist, he shivered, wishing he'd had on a fur lined jacket

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On the other side still holding her wrist, he shivered, wishing he'd had on a fur lined jacket. The wind gathered his hair into his eyes and he pushed it away with his free hand. The snow was up to his hips and  he kicked a small area free before turning towards her again. His anger ebbed with the winds and he looked at her. He had to try. There was a faint light off in the distance, but the rest only the endless white.

"You don't have to, you know."

"Have to what?" Rin said.

"Side with them. Such a proud race, can you truly feel happy not being your own master?" He cupped his hand to hers, and tried to will some of the love he felt for people, creatures, the gods.

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