Chapter 65 ~I'm Sorry

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Chrissy POV:

My eyes opened slowly and it was bright, I looked around I'm in my room. I sat up quick confused, I looked at my chest. Where's all the stabbings? I jumped as my alarm went off, I clicked it off and looked in the corner. I frowned. It's my dress for the ball.. It's cleaned. It's tonight. The ball is tonight but how? I got up looking at my calendar on the wall. It's the day of the ball.. But was it just a dream? Maybe it was? I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, my hair was curled like it was at the ball. I frowned as I looked at myself I could see my dress all ripped up on me, my makeup smeared, dried up blood staining my skin, and knifes stabbed into me. I looked down at myself and it was gone, I looked back at the mirror and it was there. What does this mean? Was this real? I sighed and closed my eyes.

"It was real, this is another chance to save yourself and your family's ball." I heard a voice. I opened my eyes to see Daniella standing behind me in the mirror. I gasped turning around and she was gone. I looked back at the mirror and she was there.

"Why? Why can I see everything in a mirror but not in real life? Why did you turn back time? How?" I couldn't stop the questions from coming out of my mouth too fast.

"Because its all an illusion as far as you know for now, its all in your head telling you that everything is real, plus I'm dead. I died many years ago that makes me an ancestor." Daniella smiled. I sighed. So it was real.

"That means I've really got to leave? Get away? To safety?"

"Yes. You've got to get out now before they come looking for you." I froze.

"What do you mean?"

"We were only able to reverse last night, all of your other acts though that's a different story. You've got to leave before they come looking for you."

"That means that they are probably already on their way? Which means I've got no time to make things perfect for my dad or anyone." I said aloud realizing I'll have to leave my family without saying goodbye. I won't make it to the ball tonight. I nodded to myself and walked into my room. I sat on my bed and covered my face. What exactly have I done? I'm going to have to leave everyone I love and care about, without a goodbye. I picked my head up and looked at my desk. I know what I'll do, I'll say goodbye in my own way. I grabbed my bag and started throwing little things in there like my toothbrush, a brush, and some jewelry. I'm leaving my clothes, I can't take them on just my motorcycle. I opened my closet and looked at everything in there, as much as I'd hate to say it I'm really going to miss these fancy clothes and shoes. Okay now for my goodbyes..

It was getting dark out and I could hear everyone downstairs going over what they would say for tonight. I opened my window and jumped out running to where my motorcycle was parked in the front I kicked up the stand and began pushing it away. As I was getting farther and farther I kept listening to them waiting for the heartbreaking moment that they realize I'm gone and don't care.

"Allie go get your sister she's been up there all day, we need her." I could hear my dad say and I kept walking with my motorcycle waiting to get far enough where they can't hear it.

"If I'm honest I'm surprised she's actually home." Sarah said. I stopped listening to them and instead focused on the footsteps of Allie walking to get me. She opened my door and turned on the light looking around. I stopped for a second. I closed my eyes waiting for her to find it. Finally she picked it up and unfolded it. Her heart sped up, I closed my eyes and could feel my eyes tear up. She gasped and by her breathing I could tell she had started to cry, just like I had. Not long her running footsteps ran down the stairs and into the living room.

"She's gone." She told them sadness in her voice. I listened to it being passed around to everyone and the fast heartbeats while reading it. My lower lip trembled as I heard my dad cough.

"I'll be back." He said with his regular tone. Of course he doesn't care, he just needs me to seem perfect. For some reason I had hoped that he would have showed some type of emotion. I got on my motorcycle and sat there a second. I listened to his footsteps as he stepped outside, he sat down on the porch it sounded like. His breathing got heavy and I could hear sniffles from him. "Why? I'm so sorry baby girl, come back home please." He whispered in a heartbreaking voice. I closed my eyes as the tears escaped I wanted for everything to go back and not have them feel any pain but I knew if I stayed I'd put them in danger. I turned on my motorcycle and took off. I know he could hear it and I know it would break his heart more but I had to go now. I made sure to stop at each of the packs houses and dropped off my goodbyes in their mailboxes. Then I stopped at his house. I'm sorry. I'm only leaving to protect you, don't hate me please don't. I can't have you hate me. I dropped his off and left.

I kept riding, all the way to Cali, I needed to do this. If I didn't then I would be dead, and gone forever. Goodbye Washington.


I'm sorry but I have to go, for me. It's nothing you guys did I just, I need to know her. Mom. I need to know what happened, why I am the way I am. I need to know why she gave me up. I love staying with you but I need a change. I'm leaving and I don't know if I will come back. Ever. I didn't have the heart to say goodbye or to tell you in person. Please take care don't let this ruin you or the family. I don't know if you'll find this but I hope you do. I know I didn't explain why  I do what I do but I'm sorry. I love you dad. I'm so sorry I disappointed you. I promise you won't have to worry about me ruining your life anymore. Despite everything, I love you so much Dad. Please don't forget that. Goodbye.

Okay I'll be honest I did cry writing this, I hoped you enjoyed staying with this book as much as I did. Again thank you all for your love and support on this book but sadly this is the last chapter. This is not the end of Chrissy's story! I am in the process of writing a sequel called "The Adventure Continues" so be sure to check that out to see what happens after. 

If you want the pack's reaction to the letters those will be coming with individual stories that will be announced. As for other current stories, check out my The Walking Dead book called 'Butterfly.'

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