Dire Wolf

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I run outside, still in wolf form. I was scared of the new color my eyes became. Red, how are they red if they were blue? I see about five people standing outside, talking with each other. Their eyes widened when they see me, but not with fear, with shock. "Looks like we got ourselves another shapeshifter. Did Zach turn you? Gosh, he can never be satisfied with his pack, can he?" A skinny boy, about 15, with light brown hair and green eyes spoke.

This must be Zach's pack. What are they going to do when they find out I killed Zach? I felt a wave of terror hit me and I started to back away. I blinked and heard them all gasp. I heard a series of different mumbles come from them.
"No way..."

"That's not possible."

"I thought they were just a myth."

I felt confusion hit me. Myth? I'm a myth? I started to whine and pretend as if I was absolutely terrified of them. I needed them to think I had no clue what was going on, (mainly because I didn't) and maybe I could get then to trust me. One guy reached his hand out and rubbed my furry head to calm me down. Somehow it calmed we down enough to get me to shift back to a human. I had two feeling go through me at that moment, joy and fear. Joy because I was human after being a killer wolf, and fear because my cloths had been ripped off earlier...

Good news was everyone turned away, and a woman threw my a shirt and shorts. I threw them on quickly and cleared my throat so they knew it was ok to look back. I got a few smiles from people, along with confused looks. They just stared at me, and I was definitely uncomfortable. "What do you mean...a myth?" I stuttered out the words.

"Wow. You seriously have no idea what you are do you?" The boy with green eyes asked me. "Afraid not, but I'd like to know soon." He chuckled. He looked over to a slightly older boy who looked almost just like him. "You wanna answer this one, Denis?" He asked. "Sure, why not? But before I do, do you have anything you wanna ask first?" Denis raised his hand towards me.

"Yea, what made you feel like I was different?" I was scared to ask because they seemed to know all about this, and I knew nothing. "Your eyes." "What about my eyes?" He gave me a smirk like to say, "you've got a lot to learn."

"When you blinked, they changed from red to blue. Only one creature can do that." I hated the look on his face. It just read DUH. Sorry dude, but I have no clue what you're talking about. "And what would that be?" I asked.

In return, he gave me a look of shock. You could tell at first he was thinking, "you're kidding, right?" but after I gave him a look that said I was not, he told me. "Well, we call 'em Dire Wolves." I have heard of Dire Wolves before, but apparently I had a lot more to learn about them. I decided to lie. "What is a 'Dire Wolf'?" His eyes lit up like he knew everything, and I mean everything, there was to know about them.

He looked over to his fellow pack members. "Fine, you can tell her, but don't get too crazy." The woman who threw me the cloths told him while rolling her eyes. "I won't!" He exclaimed before walking over to me. "This is going to take a while, so do you want to sit down?" He asked me. I just shrugged before sitting down in a near by fallen tree. He sat down next to me. "Alright, you may begin. I'll try not to interrupt much." I said.

"Ok so Dire Wolves are literally the best kind of creature. They are just like werewolves but so much better. They can turn full wolf, but when they turn, they're about twice the size of a normal wolf. This obviously makes them stronger, and faster. They can hide their, you know, werewolf scent from other animals. When the full moon is out, they have an easier time controlling theirselves." He had to catch his breath, he was talking really fast.

"Wait, you said they were like werewolves, can they do that thing where they only pull out their fangs, claws, and maybe their eye color changes?" I stopped him before he moved onto another topic about them. "Oh yea! Of course! But what makes them better is that they can change their eye color, like you did, to make it seem as if they were a different rank. Like they can make them gold for beta/omega, or red for alpha, or blue."

"What does blue mean?" I questioned. "You get blue eyes when you have killed someone who is innocent. And before you ask what that means, it means someone who didn't deserve to die. Like they never killed anyone." I mumbled an "oh" before asking him to continue.

"Alright, where was I? Oh! They have an easier time controlling themselves on a full moon. Which is extremely difficult for non-Dire Wolves. Well, I guess that's about everything. Any questions, just in case I forgot something?"

"Is there a catch? Like a down point to being a Dire Wolf?" I asked him with a concerning face. "Yea a few, I guess." "Like?" He sighed. "Well, they can be more blood thirsty. Mainly when they first turn and especially if they were mad at someone. But you can learn to control it over time." He patted my back. "Anything else?" I ask.

"Oh! I almost forgot my favorite part of Dire Wolves!" I jumped at the sudden outburst. "Well don't just scare me like that, what is it?!" I yell. "Dire Wolves have this sort of code they have. But it's not like they can help it, they have to do it, it's in their blood to do so." I give him a look that basically screams "stop giving cliff hangers and just tell me!"

"Alright, the code is 'lead with, fight with, and protect.'" He says this as if I know exactly what he's talking about. "This is the part where you explain that too." I say while moving my hands in a circular way that says "come on".

"Ok so, a Dire Wolf has three people they care about most. The person they lead with, which will most likely be an alpha. By leading I mean they both command everyone and boss them around, ya' know. Next they have someone they fight with. When I say this I don't actually mean fight with as in towards each other, I mean they fight off others together, like a team with two people. Finally they have someone they have to protect, which basically means that. They protect someone who isn't as strong as the rest. Most likely a human, or a weaker wolf, someone who can't really defend for themselves."

I again mumble out an "oh" before running my fingers through my hair. "Does the Dire Wolf have a choice to pick the three?" He shook his head. "But don't feel bad, it's not like your body just randomly picks a person, you pick someone who fits well in that category. Like an alpha leader, a good fighter, and a weakling." Just as he finished his sentence, another pack member bust through the door.

"Someone attacked Zach and Cam!" He yelled and terror filled me. So I ran and turned full wolf. Denis did say I would be faster... Hopefully he's right.

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