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Brendon wasn't the type of guy to rush into a partner ship. Yea he's been on a few dates because his best friend Jon set him up but he never found them to be real dates. Ryan was different in Brendon's eyes. Mainly because instead of Brendon coming to him. Ryan came to Brendon he actually try to talk and didn't want a one night stand he just wanted To talk to Brendon.

"Alright I'll see you later" Ryan said leaning against Brendon's car

"Hey wait I have a surprise!" Brendon said opening the trunk to his car and taking out a blanket

"What are we gonna do with that?" Ryan asked

"You'll see" Brendon smirk as he put the blanket on the høød of his car and started to climb up his car

"Come on Ross" Brendon stuck out his arm to help Ryan get up "I don't bite don't worry" Brendon laughed.Ryan rolled his eyes as he reached for Brendon hand and got on the car.

"S-So, what do you want to do?" Ryan asked

"Let's look at the stars pretend we are in the 90's" Brendon said as Ryan laughed

They sat under the stars for a while pointing out the stars and naming the stars

"Can I get a thank you for the surprise?" Brendon said

"And how'd you like to be thanked?" Ryan said moving closer to Brendon's face

Brendon looked up and Ryan and smirked "you know exactly what I want Ross"

Ryan put his lips onto Brendon's their lips played with one another.

"Goodnight Prince" Brendon said pulling away from the kiss. He slid off of his car and helped Ryan get down

"Thank you sir" Ryan said as he held onto Brendon's hand while getting down.

(YoooOoOoO if you could read my book it's just the truth that'd be great the writing kinda gets better towards the end)

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