Information Overload

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Chapter 15

Ocean Blue Eyes that I never tire of looking at. Intense Forest Green Eyes that promise sin, both sets of eyes shinning intense love for me and me alone. Eyes that I haven’t seen in so long, that it is scary that I can still feel the enormously and impact those eyes still have on me.

A hand cups my face the other the back of my neck, strong kissable lips steal my breath as they mould with mine. Warm tongue slips in my mouth and battles for dominants that I give into quickly. The kiss is life altering like every other kiss I have received from these two gorgeous men.

Another set of hands caress my body, his hands running up and down my sides as my back is pressed against a hard muscled chest, letting me feel his thick hard erection pressing into my lower back.

Sweet words of love are being whispered in my ear, words that if my eyes were opened would bring tears to them.

Our kiss breaks apart as we both desperately need to breath. He rests his forehead against mine as stares hard into my eyes. “Be Ours, Accept the Mating April, Be Ours Forever” his voice is sexy and husky from desire. A breathless “Yes” escapes me. I close my eyes again and went I reopen them they are gone. My gorgeous twins are vanished and I’m alone with tears in my eyes that are so desperately trying to escape.

I haven’t seen or heard from Ryan and Ryder of almost three years now. Three long years and they still come to me in my dreams every night. Every time I close my eyes for longer than it takes to blink they are their smiling at me, eyes shinning with love and happiness, Sweet words of praise coming from their gorgeous mouths.

After the incident I awoke from a three week induced coma at a Shifter’s Medical Centre where Garret worked. The Medical Centre catered for shifters, their mates and children.

My dad was by my side when I opened my eyes after sleeping for so long. My whole body ached and was stiff from lying in the one spot for so long. Light bandages were still around my neck, shoulders, upper arms and chest. Dad’s face lite up like christmas when I finally woke up. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks but even then his eyes shone with happiness and relief despite the pale drained look on his features.

I remember going into information over load that day when I asked what had happened and dad started to explain.

I was told that when Ryan and Ryder bit me, to mark me their Tiger’s were in full control and as a result of that my collar bone on my right side was fractured and a tendon partially severed . And an Artery in my neck on the left side of my body was nicked.

This happened because even though The Twins are shifters, shifters are only meant to mate in human from because their mates are human and it doesn’t cause damage. Most of the time the bite happens in the middle of sex and it isn’t meant to be anymore painful than losing your virginity. However being bitten when your mate well in my case mates are in their tiger form the outcome isn’t very good and in a lot of cases the human is killed. It’s really no different to a wild animal attack.

I was lucky for three reasons I guess.

The First one is that Garret was their and if he hadn’t I would be dead.

The Second is one of the twins started to tend to my wounds in tiger form and helped slow the bleeding before I bleed out on the ground.

The Third reason I’m alive today and the saddest is that because of everything that happened and the extremely strong emotions running through the streak of tigers that were in the hallway that day it caused a few of the younger pre-shift kids to shift when the twins bit me. Jake was one of them. He was over a year to early when he had his first shift and then he tried to attack his brothers along with the others that shifted early. They attacked because they were confused and their new Tigers fought also for dominance and wanted the twins kill which was me.

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