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London, January 1969

Linda was lying on the couch in the living room of the house she shared with Paul in London.

The house was close to the Abbey Road studios and that's what Paul always liked so much about the location. This way he could walk over there if he felt like it and if there were not too many screaming fans at their gate.

Today was one of those days. It was snowing and probably too cold outside for the fans to wait for a glimpse of Paul. So he had gone by foot today and he had taken Heather with him.

Heather just turned seven last month and Paul loved the little girl like she was one of his own.

Her baby girl was very fond of her new daddy too and loved to be around him. Just like Linda herself.

Heather was also very thrilled when Linda and Paul had told her that her new daddy was going to marry her mummy in March this year.

Paul had asked Heather permission to marry her mummy first before he popped the big question to Linda and Heather had cheered like crazy while jumping around happily.

Linda thought it was very sweet of Paul to ask Heather first. He was so good with kids. It really came natural to him Linda had noticed. The way he was with Julian and with other kids that were sometimes around them.

Linda was really looking forward to that day and she would be able to call herself Mrs McCartney.

She felt butterflies in her stomach when she thought back of that moment Paul had asked her to marry her. She didn't have to think one single second and she had flown around his neck placing kisses all over his face while repeating saying 'yes I do!'

Linda rubbed her tummy while a little smile appeared on her face. She was about eight weeks pregnant now and a very little lump was starting to grow and Linda felt on top of the world.

Because she felt a little tired today, Paul had suggested to take Heather with him so she could get some rest.

Linda didn't have much choice anyway, cause Heather overheard them and had jumped around Paul happily to know she could go with him. She couldn't say no to that she had smiled to herself and had agreed to it.

So now she was home alone lying lazily on the couch reading a book while enjoying a nice warm cup of tea and the chocolates Paul had given her.

The sound of the doorbell startled Linda awake from her daydreaming and she wondered who it could be. She wasn't expecting anyone and didn't expect Paul and Heather home this soon.

The doorbell sounded again and Linda lazily raised herself up from the couch and walked over to the intercom connected to the gate.

"Who is it?" she asked and waited for an answer.

"I have a delivery for you, Miss" the voice of a man sounded back.

"A delivery from who?" she asked curiously.

"I'm afraid I was told not to tell, Miss...but I'm sure you'll like it" the man answered politely.

"Oh...okay...Come in please..." Linda said and pressed the button to open the gate.

She then walked over to the door and unlocked it. When she opened the door she was greeted by an enormous bouquet of red roses.

"Here you go, Miss..." a voice sounded from behind the bouquet and Linda took the roses from him.

She now saw the young delivery boy standing in front of her.

"Thank you sir" Linda smiled at him and gave him a nice tip before closing the door again.

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