LJ x Brian

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Brian struggles against the restraints as the clown approached him.He tried desperately to get off the bed to no avail.The monotone clown grinned before crawling onto the bed in front of him.He slid between Brian's legs that were forced apart by leather straps tying him to the bed posts.

Tears welled in his eyes this is how he's going to die.I'm going to die tied to a bed after he rapes me!Brian let the tears fall freely down his cheeks at the thought.He doesn't want to die!LJ looked up and his eyes softened slightly at the sight of the crying boy.He straddled him before gently licking away his tears.Brian shivered and whimpered while tugging to free his hands.

"P-please don't hurt me!" He pleaded causing LJ to frown.He gently cupped his cheek before placing a sift kiss on his other cheek.

"Shh....princess,I'm not going to hurt you~" LJ purred causing Brian to whimper.He continues to tug at his restraints which made Lj sigh.He slid back down between his legs before gently licking at his hole.Brian gasped and tried to move his hips away.

"W-what are you doing?" He asked in a scared voice causing LJ to chuckle softly.

"I'm pleasuring you,my precious little princess~" He purred before slowly sliding his tongue into his hole.He moved his tongue around and Brian whimpered slightly.He shifted his hips up but LJ's tongue just moved deeper.

"S-stop it!That's gross!" Brian yelled yelping when he got a sharp slap to his ass.He started tearing up again and struggled to get away from LJ's tongue.LJ gripped his hips and pinned them against the bed as he trusted his tongue in deeper.He roughly trusted his tongue in and out of his hole at a fast pace.Brian had given up on fighting him back and laid limp on his back with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Jack shoved his tongue in further swirling it around while searching for his prostate.He found it and roughly began to ram his long tongue against it.Brian who was whimpered and crying now let out a soft moan mixed with a whimper.Jack continued to tongue fuck him until he came,he then untied Brian's restraints.Brian who was still crying slightly with dried tears on his cheeks felt relieved to have them off.

"Oh,I'm sorry.I went to far didn't I princess?" Jack cooed pulling Brian into his chest.He cradled Brian gently as the smaller male cried himself to sleep with his face buried in Jack's chest.

Short but full of sin.

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