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Just stay here," he ordered.

Without waiting for my reply, he walked out of the room. And at that time I realized the type of world I was in. No one would hear you. You are on your own.

I was in hell.



My mind was a mess. No, scratch that- my life was a mess. No normal life of a normal person would be like me- has to think thousand times before even deciding to speak something because death was as easy as eating.

I hadn't seen Vitale from yesterday and hope to keep it that. I was not interested in exchanging words with the human being who planned to keep me caged.

No, nope. Nada.

I don't even have the right to say that my life with my step mom was better because it was not. But back then, I had my best friend, Elle.

Even if I was feeling low, she was there to lift up my spirit but now I was left with myself to face the world.

I just wanted to escape this hell hole as soon as possible. Believe me I even tried but it was impossible because this whole place was full of security.

I wonder how Vitale can own one of the most famous hotels-- five star hotel in NYC?

Like seriously were the cops sleeping to not be aware of his psychotic actions? Who the hell could kill people and then smile like the most beautiful man in this world?

This was just dramatic.

Suddenly a throbbing pain in my head led me to stop thinking hard.

"Ahh, my head." I muttered before placing my left hand at my forehead and I felt my nerve or vein or whatever it was pumping against my fingers.

All this thoughts about my unnecessary life led to a massive headache.

I cursed my luck. I had to live with this unbearable headache because I was too sacred to even ask for painkillers.

I took the remote and was about to off the TV when I heard something that made me to stay frozen in place.

Last night, a dead body was found in New York. The neighbours claimed the dead body to be of Crystal Jarvis, a single mother of a daughter. Her daughter Chanel is also missing. It is also possible that Chanel is dead.

Then a picture of me was in the television.

Everyone probably wants to be seen on television but not like this. Definitely not like this where the whole world thinks that you are dead.

My mind was like a tornado at that time. Many things came up to my mind all together leaving it messed up.

My step mom was dead and so was I. Oh my God. This cannot be happening. I didn't die. I was alive. I was perfectly fine.

My dream of achieving freedom was crushed when I heard just one sentence 'It is also possible that Chanel is dead.' It was funny how words seemed to have effect on people more than a gun or a sword.

I didn't even realized I was trembling until I bought my hands to my mouth.

"Okay calm down, Chanel" I told to myself."You are not really dead so it is alright. you just have to escape from here and tell the cops everything and tada you will get your freedom!"

"Voui morire? Do you fucking want to die?" a very familiar voice growled and it made me to shiver in fear.

Vitale. The last person I wanted to talk to. I turned aroung just in time to see him taking out his freaking gun. A real gun. He pointed it towards me. In impulse, I put my hands in air and screamed like never before.

He looked at me wide-eyed before an angry look masked his face. He ran towards me and held me by my neck.My back was pressing against his chest and his gun was pointing at my forehead.

I tried to move from his grip but alas! My luck was such that he didn't even bulge.

"if you scream, I'll cut your damn vocal cords, understand?" my voice immediately died, fearing that I would provoke him but a few whimpers left my mouth still.

"Now I'll lead the way and you will follow me as a cute little girl, alright?" his mouth was against my ear and it tickled me as he spoke.

And for some unknown goddamn reason it made my stomach flutter.

I hope it was because of fear.


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