He looks more like a rich businessman, than someone in the mafia.

My eyes went to the watch he was wearing and I cannot help but think it was expensive.

"Kidnapping you is one of them, yes?"


Chapter- Six

"What do- what you are talking about?" I asked him, wide eyed.

He shrugged his shoulder, "I don't repeat twice." He rose his left hand and gave a glance at his watch.

"I'm late. Luca tell George to bring her the food. Till then I have to decide what to do with her." Vitale told giving me a glance and then turned to the man who I assumed was Luca.

Luca nodded.

I pursed my lips and stared at the both of them with curiosity.

They both seemed to converse through their eyes. And then Vitale turned his head towards me and I immediately looked down.

I made circles on the bed I was sitting. The blanked was wrapped around my legs and I badly wanted to wrap it around my face and die.

I heard footsteps approaching me and I didn't dare to look up. How should I behave near a certified criminal?

I had no idea. So I listened to my head and continued looking at the bed.

"Tsk. Tsk," He chuckled. He held his index finger up and then lifted my chin.

I looked up and met his green eyes. I gulped. "Scared now, are we?" He asked. His eyes never leaving mine.

I didn't say anything and continued looking at his eyes. The room suddenly became quiet. The only thing I could hear was my irregular breathing and my heart beating.

How could a criminal be so beautiful?

He suddenly smirked, "If you keep looking at me any longer I'll think you're liking what you're seeing,"

I immediately got out from whatever trance I was in.

His smirk was so arrogant that I wonder if he had heard what I thought.

He leaned in towards me and without knowing I leaned back. That seemed to amuse him and he placed both of his hands on the both side of my cheeks.

I gasped and tried to pull back from his grip but it was of no use. His grip was too strong.

He grinned. It was a sinister grin and I found myself shivering in fear.

Realization hit me like a truck. My face was currently between a criminal's hands.

From the corner of my left eye, I tried to find Luca. But he was not even here.

And to my disbelief, the door was closed. I silently prayed that a least it was not locked.

"No, it is not locked," Vitale told.

Don't tell me I said it aloud. I silently cussed myself. I. Closed my eyes for sometime and then opened it.

My eyes found his and I hold back a breathe.

I hate to say this but his eyes were beautiful.

"" I trailed off. My voice caught on my throat as his hands went towards my neck.

I let out high pitch shrill and pushed him with my full force and this time he moved a little backward. His hands that were on my neck were gone band was to himself.

I let out a sigh of relied before I realized what I did. I gasped and looked at him wide eyed.

I was starring at him with fear. Wondering what he will do.

"Sweet," He muttered and I found myself looking at him with confusion and fear. What a great combination!

I didn't say anything and neither did he. He seem to look at me with curiosity and I looked at him with fear.

Finally the thick silence was cut by his phone ringing. He took it out from his pocket and pressed it before placing it at his ear.


That was it. His facial expression changed and then I recognized it as anger. His eyebrows drew together and a scowl formed at his face.

"Just shoot him down." He said and hang up the phone.

My blood ran cold. Just shoot him down. He ordered it as if he was talking about hunting animals. For him, people's life probably mean nothing. He can kill easily if he wants. He wants you, he will keep you and once you are useless he would kill you.

He ran a hand through his perfectly gelled back hair before muttering a few curses.

"Just stay here," he ordered.

Without waiting for my reply, he walked out of the room.  And at that time I realized the type of world I was in. No one would hear you. You are on your own.

I was in hell.



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