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I thought of confronting Percy during dinner but he didn't come till now.

Thalia saw my worried face and said" Calm down Annabeth, He will come. He doesn't know , so he will not do anything stupid."

I nodded.

After Gaea war a lot of things changed.

Thalia quit hunt, because she fell in love with a certain son of Hades.

Nico and Thalia are now together.

Leo came back with Calypso.

We made a portal between the two camps so its like one camp now.

We can sit anywhere now during dinner.

I fell in love with another son of Poseidon, Reus Goldman.

I know I should not do this to Percy, but I cannot stop myself.

He is cute, handsome, intelligent, kind and best of all raised at Atlantis, so he have a prince aura.

Piper snapped her fingers in front of me " Stop dreaming about Reus , Annabeth."

My cheeks burnt red.

I looked at Reus table and he was eating in such a different manner, just like a prince,unlike Percy who literally swallow whole food.

He even supports me when Percy is away.

Dinner got over and we all assembled again.

"Nico can you call Percy please, I want to finish it today." I said.

Nico nodded and shadow traveled.

I was nervous . Jason saw that and said " Don't worry Annabeth , everything will be fine."

" I am here" Reus said. I smiled and kissed on his cheeks.

Nico shadow traveled back but without Percy.

"He is not in his cabin." He said.

"What do you mean ?" Calypso asked.

"I checked whole cabin he is not there." Nico said.

"I think we should tell Chiron."Leo suggested.

Everyone looked at me. I nodded and we all went to him.

He was in BIG HOUSE.

"What brings you here Heroes?" he asked.

" Percy is not back yet Chiron." I said.

" I know Annabeth, he is still with Hestia." he said.

"What is he doing there at this time?" Jason asked.

"I don't know" Chiron said"You all must return to your cabin now"

We all nodded and went back to the cabin.

" Do you want me to tell him?" Reus asked.

" no " I said.

Then we said our good nights and went to our cabin.







Next morning I woke up and got ready.

Today I will Confront him at any cost.

I went out for breakfast.

I sat on our table with others but Poseidon table was empty.

I scanned the area but neither I saw Percy nor Reus.

I waited for more time and Reus came running " Annabeth, where is he?"

"I thought he is with you."

"No he came to cabin late and then today when I woke up he was gone."

" As much as I know kelp head he never wakes up early." Thalia said.

"Lets see if Chiron knows." Hazel suggested.

We all went to him.

"Chiron, do you have any idea where is Percy?" Jason asked.


"Where?"Piper asked.

"Hestia sent him to bring a demigod."

"What do you mean by Hestia sent? She is a maiden goddess right?" Calypso asked.

"Oh its not her child, its unclaimed but Hestia has been keeping an eye on her. She is quite old .It seems like she is a daughter of some minor god." Chiron said.

"By what time will he come?" Reus asked.

"By evening I guess. Any more question?"He asked.

We shook our heads.

He went away.

We all sat and thought about the situation but nothing was clear.

We did our daily jobs and finally Apollo started taking down his chariot.

Artemis was ready with her moon.

We heard conch blow indicating a new camper.

We all ran to see basically Percy.

We saw a girl with black long hairs and Wild green eyes not like Percy's, climbing the hill.

Finally when she arrived I asked"Where is the boy who was sent to bring you?"

She looked little taken back but then she answered "He is at the base. He said he have some important job."

I nodded and started running down and others were on their heels.

I was almost going to reach the base when I saw Percy holding Three bottles of some potions.

He threw two bottles down and they caught fire and he drank the third one.

I was shocked and so were others "Percy...."I shouted.

He turned back towards us and fell on land.


We all ran and Nico shadow traveled.

When we reached his body, it was emitting a Golden light just like when gods die or change form.

Piper put some ambrosia in his mouth but it started burning his skin so we stopped.

Nico took his body shadow traveled to infirmary.


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