Chapter 5

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"So... Astrobiology Department?" Taylor said to Anna. They were walking through the building's adjacent park. Taylor had taken over the company tour from Mark, and he was in the process of showing Anna all of the places that were popular with the employees. The park, with its rich arbor, cool shade and various park benches, it was a great place to relax after a hectic day at work.

"But of course," Anna chuckled. "Where else would I be?" She looked up at Taylor.

"I don't know... Are you enjoying the company so far?"

"Yeah, it's great!" Anna gushed. "The lab was amazing, and the office, and just about everything was amazing!" She grinned happily.

"That's good!" Taylor laughed at her enthusiasm. "So there's this-excuse me," he said as his phone started to ring.

"Hello? Yes.... Uh oh. Oh no. Oh god. Restrain him and it as well as you can, I'm on my way."

"Anna, come with me." Taylor quickly grabbed Anna's hand and dragged her along with him as they ran to the Astrobiology Department.

"Uh, Taylor, what's going on?" Anna asked. Her voice was laced with concern.

"Just follow me. You'll be having your first assignment." Taylor narrowed his eyes as they zeroed in on the lab.

As they burst through the door, Anna gasped.

A scientist was strapped to a seat, his mouth taped shut. The seat was about to break any minute, because of how much the scientist was wanting to escape, and the tape was slowly starting to peel off. Numerous scientists lined the walls, not wanting to come closer. When Anna took a look into the scientist's eyes, she was met with startling fluorescent green.

She shuddered. These were the aliens that tried to take over Taylor, she thought, as tears stung her eyes. And now they've taken over him. She looked up at Taylor, who's face was calm, but his eyes were brimming with fear.

Taylor tried to breathe, but his lungs felt like they were being wrung out every time he tried. He glanced at Anna, who looked just about as affected as he was, for some reason. Their eyes locked.

"Mr. Nielsen," one of the scientists stammered out. "We're sorry, the subject got out, and-"

"No apologies needed," Taylor said calmly. "Please exit the room. I will handle this."

The scientists filed out and left the room. Anna turned to leave when Taylor said, "Anna, stay."

"Er... Are you sure?" Anna eyed the struggling scientist. "I might kill him or something."

"I have firm faith that you'll be fine," Taylor smiled. "Besides, you're a astrobiologist now; this is something we have to deal with."

"Alright," Anna took a deep breath and rolled back her shoulders. Taylor tossed her a lab coat as he slid into one. As soon as she put on her coat, Taylor gave her a surgical mask and said, "Anna, close your ears."

As Anna covered her ears, a shriek coursed through the room. Taylor was the source, to her horror and confusion.

As soon as Taylor stopped, he motioned for Anna to come closer and uncover her ears. They watched as the scientist broke out of his bonds and sat up, his glowing eyes boring into Taylor's.

"Hello, Taylor Nielsen. Are you trying to remove me from this human? It is very comfortable." The scientist-alien smiled widely. "You aren't going to, are you? The glass jar is very claustrophobic."

Taylor set his teeth. "I'm sorry, but it is necessary." With a grunt, he punched the scientist in the jaw, yelling "Anna, pin him down!"

As the scientist fell back, Anna grabbed his wrists and held them above his head as Taylor strapped the legs down with a spare lab coat and wrenched his jaw open. Using a clamp, he secured his jaw and said, "Anna, it's all yours."

As Taylor grabbed the scientist's arms, Anna looked down the scientist's throat. Lodged in his throat was a mass of muscle, a dim green light emanating from it.

"Hurry, he might suffocate even more. Use a scalpel and cut a slit in the mass that's big enough to slide a wrench in. As soon as you do that, pull it out and remove the mass." Taylor quickly explained.

"Got it." Pulling on her mask, she slowly made an incision into the muscle. An earsplitting screech issued from the interior and Anna screamed as green tendrils shot up the scientist's throat and wrapped around her hands. The scientist-alien grinned. "You think it is easy?"

The tendrils slowly wound around her neck, and Anna saw spots across her vision. She felt the grip on her throat tighten. The scientist-alien smirked. "Goodbye."

Anna's vision went black, and she collapsed to the floor in a heap as Taylor looked on in horror. He quickly grabbed a scalpel and pinned the scientist-alien to the ground, forcing its mouth open and slicing the mass out while cutting away the entangling forest of tendrils.

With a choke, he placed the alien, still trapped in the mass, in a beaker and found a solution of acidic chemicals. Taking a deep breath, he poured the chemicals on the mass and, ignoring the screeching, threw it in the biohazard trash chute.

Frantically, he called 911, and soon paramedics had the scientist in their custody.

"Excuse me, sir, what about this young woman?" The head paramedic asked Taylor as she gestured to Anna.

"It's fine, I can take care of her."

"Are you of any importance to her?" The paramedic raised an eyebrow as she took Anna's pulse.

"A good friend." Taylor fibbed. Although they had met several more times at Café Solstice after they met, they were still acquaintances, not to mention that he was her boss. But Taylor was determined to take care of her himself, for all of the trauma he put her through.

"Alright, I'll just perform an assessment on her for any injuries." The paramedic said. Anna was loaded on a stretcher and taken to the ambulance.

After a couple minutes, the paramedic returned.

"Is she okay?" Taylor asked.

"She has a mild concussion and a sprained wrist, so we'll have to take her to the hospital." The paramedic turned and left, leaving Taylor in the lab to call Mark and explain what had happened.

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