7.9. Regard and Reverence

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Chapter 7.9

Shehry's POV

"Salma Aunty! At least tell me what was in the mail?" I asked but she kept on shaking her head, hung low shedding tears.

My heart was already restless and now panicking even more.

"Qadir is being called to her campus, her Professor has called him there" she added and I blinked my eyes trying to get to the point but I couldn't find the reason.

"Kahan ho gi meri bachi pata nai" she sobbed.

"Aunty! You don't worry. I will find her" I tried to calm her down as she kept on sobbing; Haya went for the party last night and there was no sign of her return, it was 11 in the noon already and Haya was nowhere neither was she picking any call.

I just hope she is fine, wherever she is.

I pressed my hand over hers assuring her. Jawad and his mother had gone to some relative's place and thanks God for this, coz if they were here God knows what they might have thought about all this.

"I will bring her back home. I promise" wiping her tears I tried to press a smile, her eyes carrying hope and expectations.

I got up over my feet and headed to her campus. My brain was swirling waves around that mail thing.


I don't know much about her friends, the only one I know about was that boy James but I didn't know where to get him in this huge ass campus. I just walked towards her department.

Finally after asking from a bunch of students I got to know about James and a girl named Jessie took me to the boys' common room.

"Hey! James! Guests here" the girl smirked at the tallest boy standing near the lockers, he turned and frowned at me as if was trying to recognize but failed.

"hi! Am Shehry" we shook hands, the frown was still there on his forehead but he smiled anyways.

"Haya's Fiance" I added and he made a thoughtful face before pressing a smile.

"Do you know where Haya can be?" I asked immediately and the smile faded from his face, he looked alert.

"Uh- she is the Dean's office, her father is there too" he informed me lowly.

"Oh thanks. Thanks a lot man!"

"hey wait!" and right when I was about to marched out of the room he grabbed my arm stopping me.

"Its not Haya okay. It was not her fault" he looked down at me stating and I frowned.

"It was that asshole Adam. He has been after her all this time and now he is playing the worst of his cards" he literally spatted and the name rang in my ears; Adam.... The same man met in the restaurant and the same who tried to molest her in the subway.

"what are you talking about?" I asked narrowing my eyes and he almost dragged me out of the common room as we came in the wide, almost empty corridor he let go off my arm and stood in front of me.

"Adam has deep rooted hatred for Haya. She slapped him the day she stepped into the campus and since that goddamn day, Adam has been after her, making her life a living hell" I just silently listen to him.

"he made some videos and took some snaps last night, he is blackmailing her for them now"

"What videos and snaps?"

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