chapter 14

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My mom woke up to the gently shaking of an nurse and said "we skipped your surgery last night. You fell asleep so we didn't want to wake you up at that late moment.'

She rolled over the other way ignoring her. then the nurse woke up my dad saying "your wife will be needing her surgery right away before it gets even more infected.Be ready in five minutes." the nurse left the room turning around and smiled at my dad before she closed the door.

dad got out of the chair walking towards the hospital bed.

"," he said while yanwing "it's time, we have to be ready in three minutes."

A nurse stook her head through the crack of the door "One minute till the surgery."

"Well now i guess one minute," whispered my mom while turning around to face my dad with a smile on her face.

"ya well i guess so."

Dad leaned forward to kiss her again,but right before a nurse came in "It is time for her surgery."

five more doctors came in 1 pushing the bed and the other pulling, one standing beside mom and two asknig questions with clip boards in their hand with a pen. They walked through the hospital and up two flights of the elevatora left then another left, a right three more rights a left and at the very end of the hallway there they where going into.The sign read Dr.Roche: surgen. The entered the room and everything went cold the room was huge but empty the only things that were in it were a bed with a lamp hanging down from the roof, a desk with about fifty tools on it and a closet which must be for his cloak and mask there also in the very far corner a chair with rolling wheels. The doctors rolled the bed into the room by the surgen bed and picked her up by her ARM and legs, set her down on the bed gently and walked out the room silently. Leaving my mom on the bed frightened. A few minutes later a doctor or surgen came in.

"hello i am dr. Roche a surgen and in which i will be giving surgery to you today. And so its that you have something stuck in your arm......... glass?"

Mom nodded her head in some pain.

"So you will get to choose do you want to have the surgery while having your surgery or a sleep while having your surgery?"

"um can i have both?'

"no only one,said Roche laughing"

"um okay i guess i will have asleep."

"okay i will just go get the pill,he said while opening the door and walking super fast away."

A minute later a cop came rushing in "we found your daughter, but she's not safe yet," explained the cop.

Tears came down my moms eyes as she frose to be really frightened, while the doctor rushed in.

Dr. Roche looked at the cop eyes wide and scared, as if he had done something wrong,"UM exuse me is there a problem,"he said terrified.

Mom stilll frozen..................... she leaped out the bed, ran through the hallway, crying and screaming! Dr. Roche stood there with the cop, they looked at each other and ran after, through the hallway, trying not to make as much noise as mom was!

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