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He loved the Henny, He loved to Smoke, and now it's all about daddy and his girl. Taking a more drastic turn than ever imagined...

Daddy's little girl, she holds his hand, he sings her bedtime songs, kisses her nose, she laughs in excitement, he tickles her endlessly, she enjoys the feeling, he accidentally makes one false move sending him in a trance, her laughter dies down, he keeps a focused look, she grows up to stare at him differently, he acts differently, she comes home from a long day at school, he comes home from a long day at work and treatment, she takes her nightly shower, he walks in, he sees her, she sees him, they touch... And she's no longer daddy's little girl.

The term daddy, is the usually the first words of a baby, then remains with them through out their childhood and may never leave until the daddy is gone.

It's also used sexually, calling a significant other daddy means you respect them but want them to feel in charge. Once the attraction grows, there's no way out.

And it was then at that moment, he knew she knew she was no longer her daddy's little girl.

She didn't want to be his little girl. She wanted to be daddy's girl... Oh don't blame her, the innocence of a young female, hormones changing and never was taught wrong from right in these circumstances. But don't blame daddy either, because, wait, did you forget? He's mentally ill, but he knows better. But stop, he's mentally ill, maybe he doesn't know better, maybe he doesn't know how to stop an addiction.

But if you want to understand one thing, understand that, she is her daddy's girl. This is Daddy's Girl, the trilogy to Me, You, & Hennessy..

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