random time in 2000

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hey! i havent written this in foreverz sooooo here ya go peeps that read this! *grabs tissue* im ready :(

Dear Fred,

It's George..but i guess you already knew that.Sorry i haven't written in a while i've just been busy.The shop's crazy!(in a good way) plus i got engaged to angelina.I know you fancied her and i'm pretty sure she liked you more than me....but SHE SAID YES!IN YOUR FACE!I'M THE BETTER LOOKING TWIN!-er i mean she agreed to marry me soo we are gonna get married....yeah.....I don't know why but i'm really hyper.Ron gave me these delicious candies called Redvines.It was quite yummy.hehehehe....sorry about my random rant about food......i'll just go now....bye!



hehehehe! im just really hyper! and i didnt cry making this cuz itz spazzy! :D hehehehe! i just had to add redvines.......bye!

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