Blind Beauty

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Before anything, I want to give a big, fat dedication and thanks to Emma (aka LaDameBlanche) who inspired me to write this story. Her Dark series are all amazing and I'm just immensely happy that she created them. If you haven't checked out her stories, you definitely should. They're all dazzling and pleasant to read.

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(In other words, don't copy this story or I'll hunt you down, no, seriously.)

**Update: A lot of people might find this story too much or annoying for the fact that my descriptions are dense and/or over the top. The wording, too, needs work. So if you do decide to read this story, keep in mind that I wrote it partly to improve my English as it is my second language. Corrections are welcomed if you so wish (but not required--of course--some people just like to help and point out grammatical/wording errors haha and I don't mind). With that being said, hope you enjoy the story!


Have you ever heard of girls who were blind to love?

Well, Arlette is physically blind. She had nothing short of a simple life. A good family and a good home...

In a world of kings, villages, and monsters, people simply can't live happily ever after though. Things get more complicated after her village gets destroyed.

With the shelter filled up, she and her family are forced to live with the King.

Don't be fooled by the knights and towering high walls, running away from a beast isn't as easy as it looks.

(Yes guys, this is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast; it's quite different though.)


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