Chapt 23. Curse, love and tears

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"Wanna talk about it?" I suggested

She gave me a f*ck off look, but still I could see the indecision in her eyes.

"I won't tell, I swear" I insisted

"Why do you care?" She sighed

"Well, Daniel is my friend" I started "He doesn't deserve that, and neither do you. I know is killing you, I tried to do the same with Caleb"

"You did?" She huffed "You're not as dumb as you look then"

I rolled my eyes and walked next to her. She tensed with my proximity, still she preferred to ignore me.

"You know he wouldn't hurt you, that he loves you... There's nothing to be afraid of"

"Afraid?" She hissed "I'm not afraid of him"

"Yes, you are" I smiled "You're scared of having a vampire mate"

"You know nothing"

"Is it because of the mark?" I asked "You don't want to live that long?"

I didn't saw it coming, one second I was next to her and the next I was trapped in her arms

"Could you just shut up!" She hissed against my face

I just stared at her. Well, I did deserved it, I mean I was mending in her business but that was only way to wake her up.

"Sorry" I said "I just want to help him"

She released me roughly and turned around. Her breathing was coming out in sharp breaths, her heart rate increasing each second; something was off.

I wasn't an expert, but for a healthy and young witch she sounded... weak.

But what did I know about witches? Nothing probably. This might be normal, maybe she was perfectly fine... Also, witches might have a stone-hard heart, or else she was just pretending to hate Daniel.

Which I choosed the latter, this was her decision. But why?

"Because is better for him"

"What?" I said startled

"I'm answering your question" she sighed

"You read minds?" That was a surprise

"I used to" she turned around "Now it's just a murmur... Nonsense mumbling"

"Wow" I huffed "... You used to? What happened?"

"I'm getting weaker" she rolled her eyes "That's what happens?"


She stared at me for a whole minute. It was uncomfortable, being under her stare fo so long, but I assumed she was trying to see if she could trust me, so I smiled in return.

"If a word comes out of your mouth, I'll know" she started "And I'll kill you"

"I won't say anything you don't want me to" I promised

She nodded once an motioned me to follow her. We walked around the house slowly, her frown told me she was concentrating and I decided to behave myself.

"It's done" she said


"I can let those wolves hear" shook her head "I already took care of them"

"What?" I demanded

"Chill, they're asleep" she smirked

I looked up to the house, there was no sound. Just the soft breaths of a deep sleep moment.

"How did you..?"

"Magic" she interrupted

"Mm... Okay" I mumbled "So.."

"So... If I tell you this you'll help me" she said

"With what?"

"Get rid of Daniel"she replied "At least for now"

"Only if your excuse is valid enough" I agreed

She considered this for a few seconds, her expression told me she had a hard time with this.

"I'm sick"

Okay. That wasn't what I was expecting at all, it didn't even cross my mind.

"Sick how?" I asked

"There's... This old witch, she's very powerful" she sighed "Long story short, she cursed me"

"Cursed you?" I frowned "Like.. To death?"

"Kind of" she made a face "My heart became dysfunctional, it's dying.. Slowly and painfully"

"That's horrible" I sighed

"I know" she sighed as well "My mom is trying, all those spells and potions she's giving me...they help,but just to slow the process, it's actually just making me last longer with pain"

"There are surgeries" I suggested "Heart transplant"

"I'm a witch, we all are different and unique" she sounded sad "I don't have a match. Believe me, we tried"

I let that sink for a few seconds. Amy was dying; slowly, and painfully. Damn, her parents must be living a nightmare right now... And so will Daniel.

"Daniel" I sighed

"Yeah" she nodded "Right now he thinks he loves me, but it's not like that. The mate bond is just starting, I don't want him to be involve anymore, it won't be fair"

"No!" I grabbed her arm and pulled her to a stop "I meant, he's a vampire. Wouldn't that longevity mark affect you too?"

"Maybe" she shook my hand off "But that won't lift the curse, and be able to live sick and in pain for hundreds of years doesn't seem very smart to me"

"How can you be sure if you haven't try?"

"So what if I try and let him mark me? To make our bond stronger than anything and then I die anyways" she spat at me "I would die, big deal. I'll be okay. But what about him? Do you even know what the death of your mate can do?"

"My mother died" I said


"Even after that, I've never heard my dad regret the time he had with her" I replied "And I know Daniel would rather be with you for a short time than to never be with you"

She frowned. Her eyes glassed up, her nose reddened a little; slowly she shook her head and took a step back.

"Is not the same" she murmured

"Yes it is" I insisted "Look, I understand your point of view okay? I know, and I'm sorry for everything you have to.."

"Shut up!" She exploded "Don't you ever say you feel sorry for me, don't you even dare. I told you this because you know him, and you can make him leave"

Why would I do that?" She asked "He deserves to know"

"If you tell him"

"I know. I won't, because that's your job" I agreed "Just consider what I said. Please"

She sighed loudly and turned her face away. She was mad, but I didn't care, as much as I felt sorry for her -even thought I wouldn't admit it again- I knew she was doing wrong, at least that was point of view.

"I have to go" she walked away

"Okay" I nodded as she walked past me "Just think about it"

She ignored me as she got into her car. With a swift movement she drove away, leaving just the dust to show her presence just a few seconds ago.

When I got back to the house I found my cousins fast asleep on the couch. Carefully not to wake them, I walked upstairs to my room. Letting myself fall on the bed, I allowed myself to think about Amy again.

She was so young, so beautiful... And also so wounded and tainted with rage; and Daniel, poor Daniel...he didn't deserve this kind of ending.

I felt some salty tears rolling down my face before I succumbed into unconcioness.

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