Chapter 5

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I made my way back to the class, the same thoughts still running through my head.

 "Nikki," A voice echoed behind me.

 How is she everywhere at once? This time, I took a stand. I spun around, facing her.

 "I get it, okay? I'm a whore. You just said that five minutes ago. Don't you have a class to be in?" I hissed.

She laughed, mumbling whore under her breath, before walking off. I watched as she walked away, not wanting to take my eyes off of her until she was out of sight, for fear that she'd come back for revenge. I was right.

She stopped halfway down the hall, turning around.

"Trenton's cute."

I widened my eyes, scared of where she was going with this.

"If I catch you with him again, I'll tell him all about the 'real you'. The whore."

"I'm not a whore," I clarified, but she shook her head. I stepped foward, trying to act stronger than I had in the previous year. This was the girl who had started the rumors, spread the lies. This way the girl I had called my best friend only a year prior to the begining of the bullying. This was the girl who wrongly accused me of an awful event, and she was the reason everyone hated me.

"Stay away from him. You don't want him to find out what happened, do you?"

"I swear, Morgan, if you say anything.."

"People are already starting to talk, Nikki. You're getting him involved in your mess. Leave him alone."

I stepped closer again, and I felt her hands on my shoulders. Soon, I was falling backwards. My books splattered across the floor. I caught myself, my balance evening out, and I shoved her. "Whore!"



"Girls! Girls, enough of that. Miss Sullivan, Miss Martinez."

We both turned around, facing the voice. It was the principal. We froze, and I watched as she walked towards us.

"It's the first day," She started, shaking her head, "I suggest you both get to class before I suspend you."

Morgan ran off.

"Miss Sullivan, surely you have better things than start fights with Morgan."

 "But she--"

 "That's enough, Nicole. Get to class."

 "But she--"


I turned slowly, gathering up my books. I could easily tell her everything, but it was something I was embaressing. I didn't need everyone thinking of me as a little tattletale, so I left without any further problems.


"Hey, are you okay?" Trenton called to me, perhaps a bit more loudly than necessary. For a moment, I looked over at him, but then, as soon as my eyes met his, I jerked my head away quickly. "Hey, Nikki, are you okay?" He called again.

Not only would I refuse to reply, but I wouldn't even look at him. I felt bad, but it was best for him. He had no idea why.

"Hey..." He began again.

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