Chapter One

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The sunset; a prelude to a night under the stars. Her eyes studied the horizon as the colors of orange and purple melded together where the sky met the water.


The young woman turned around, her hand loose in its grip on the rope as she faced her first mate. "Go back to your resting, Impa," she said.

"What are you doing out there this time?" she asked.

"I'm just thinking over the last of the details before turning in. Get some sleep, you'll need it for tomorrow."

Impa dipped her head. "Aye, captain," she replied, then left.

The blonde captain smiled and turned back to the sunset.


Tetra whooped with exhilaration as she flew through the air, clinging to the rope with only one hand as she traveled from her ship to the pirate ship.

She landed on the main deck with her sword already drawn, and with the momentum of her swing, she took the legs out from under the nearest man.

The clanging of swords mingled with the sounds of the waves as the battle erupted. Pirates fought against pirates as Tetra's crew battled for control of the other ship.

She fought and won against all she came across. Her sword danced from one man to the next, never killing, but ensuring they could no longer join the fight.

Some time into the battle, she found herself up against the opposing captain.

She called a greeting. "Ahoy." She held out her blade, which was already anointed with the blood of his crew. "Surrender, or die."

"Who are you to demand my surrender?" he growled and stepped forwards, engaging her in a game of swords.

Tetra lifted her chin and smirked. That question came often as a result of her youth. "I am the captain of the pirate ship, Hylia."

"You're Tetra?"

She didn't respond, but she stepped forwards and pressed him back with a flurry of strikes.

A moment of mistaken footing cost her her sword, but she didn't watch as it landed on the foreign deck.

"Captain!" Impa yelled in concern, distracted from her own fight.

"I'm fine, look after yourself!" Tetra said as she drew a dagger from her boot and blocked the fatal slash from the pirate's blade.

"You're fine? I don't believe you to be the dread Pirate Tetra. You are too young," the other captain taunted and he started to laugh.

Tetra jumped to the side and retrieved her sword. "Just because I'm not wearing a pretty hat like you-" she said as she slashed the hat right off his head, "-doesn't mean I can't be a captain."

"You look nothing like a captain," he growled as he slashed at her.

"One more word like that and I'll run you through," Tetra spat.

"You hardly look a pirate at all," the captain said anyways.

Tetra cut his hand open with her dagger and he screamed and flinched away, forced to drop his sword. She then got to fulfill her word and stabbed the man in the chest.

"Good riddance," she spat as she pulled her blade free. She took immense pleasure in the look of shock that was the final thing that crossed the pirate's face.

After the battle finished, Tetra wiped the blade of her sword clean and then sheathed it. She was sweaty and tired. The sun was broiling in the sky and she wanted nothing more than to disappear below the decks.

"Captain," Impa started as she approached.

"Yes yes, I know what you're going to say," she replied, "I'm not a pet for you to chastise. So what, I killed him; he was asking for it. He was rude and dishonorable anyways; a true pirate."


"Join the others in obtaining the supplies, Impa, and organize a team to control the commandeered craft, put Tetra on the lead. We set our sails for Cree. You have one hour."

"Apologies, I was just concerned."

"Go now."

"Yes, Captain."

"Armos!" Tetra called.

After a short while, a young man with dark hair and a kind face appeared at her side. "Yes, Captain?"

"I trust you secured all the pirates in their own brig?"

"Indeed, Captain."

"Good, that's good," she said and then smiled as she turned to survey the ship. "Today was good."

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