Settling in to a New Home Part 11

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Having Mum organise me to sit out on a lounge on the front veranda  was such a relief. I didn't want to be cooped up inside away from everyone. I wanted to be where I could still see and hear everyone.

The manager met us at the plane that landed at the local airstrip.

I mean local as in the property's own personal strip. Mr Brown is his  name. A rugged older man who spoke very quietly when he did, but also listened attentively when needed to as well. He brought a few of the station hands and some 4WD's to collect everyone else and their luggage to transport them to the homestead.

I did notice that his eyes lingered on Mum a bit too. I don't think she noticed though.  He wasn't too far away from her either and moved to offer her help before she even asked. I wonder..

Anyway, they brought a flatbed for me to be transported and I thought that was exciting. I got to ride on the back of one of the 4WD's with just a loose canopy over me to keep the sun off. It was a bit bumpy, but I enjoyed it.

It was funny with Mum screeching out to them to miss 'this' bump and miss 'that' pothole. Not that there were any. The road was smoother than some sealed roads I've been on. I reckon that Mr Brown must be taking good care of the station.

Phew! Speaking of the sun. Oh my goodness, the sun was hot. I hadn't ever felt anything like it. But I was kept distracted by what everyone was doing. And that brings me to sitting here among what looks to be some of the most beautifully looking country I have ever seen.

I closed my eyes and just smelled the bush around me. It even smelled beautiful too. "Look! Look!" I screamed, which had everyone come running out to see what I was screaming about. "Look at that?" I yelled, pointing over to the trees on the far side of the gardens.

When Mum looked to where I was pointing, she laughed. Then she came over and sat near me and told me what they were. "Those Honey, those are boomers, kangaroo's. One of the most recognisable animals here in Australia. You'll see a lot of them here." I was so fascinated. Then I started thinking about how they fit in with the ecology in the area.

Hmm, I'll have to check that out I was thinking.

"Would you like a drink, Honey?" Mum came over and asked me.

"Yes please, Mum. That would be lovely. Thank you." I said to her with my eyes still looking around trying to take everything in.

"I'll be back shortly. Love." She said as she went back inside.

Looking up, I could see the outdoor ceiling fans on giving the air some circulation so that the breeze they caused blew gently down on whoever was sitting below them, like me. The lounges looked really comfortable. I felt someone come and sit down beside me.

Turning to see who it was, I met the smiling face of Annie. I smiled back at her too.

"This place is awesome, isn't it?" I said to her in a whisper.

"Yes, it is. It's very beautiful and spread out." She admitted. "It was also a relief to finally get the kids down and into bed too. It's been a really long day for them. I don't think they will wake up any time soon, either." She said with a smile.

Looking at her I noticed how comfortable she looked sitting there on the lounge with her hand laying gently over her stomach. Then I remembered what Rascal said.

"When is your baby due?" I asked her which caused her to sit up and swiftly turn to me.

"How did you know?" She asked in amazement if the look on her face is anything to go by.

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