Chapter 9

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HEY! Guess what?! I'm not dead! Yay! Sorry for not updating, but I swear I have a good reason. Please don't ask. Seriously, please don't. I really need to take a break from explaining my reason. Also, could you all maybe tell me if it's worth continuing? Thanks a lot!


Chapter 9

 ~On board the Nemesis~

 "B-but, m-my liege! I-I would not lie to you!" Starscream begged, kneeling before the Warlord. Megatron looked down his nasal ridge at the Seeker.

"Oh, of course not. Because you are not deceitful in the least." Megatron snarled. "Get out of my sight, and take your imaginary signals with you." He turned to face the screen, turning away from his Second-In-command.

Starscream snarled at the Decepticon leader. "Fine! Don't believe me. When the Autobots siege the ship, I will not be there to witness your down fall."

Starscream screeched when the war lord's servo roughly grabbed his throat. He pulled the Seeker close as he trembled and wriggled in his hold. Starscream's talons came up to uselessly claw at the hand. "You will not leave the Nemesis unless I say so. Do I make myself clear?" he hissed.

The mech in his hold nodded fearfully. Megatron snarled at him and threw him across the room. He hit the wall face first. Megatron turned back to Soundwave. "Soundwave!" he barked. The silent communications officer turned to his leader. "Report!" Megatron ordered.

Soundwave was silent for a moment before he used multiple recorded voices to say, "Starscream... Was telling... the truth... Energy signals detected!"

Megatron hummed thoughtfully for a moment. "So... An unknown energy source has been detected." The spy nodded silently. "I see. I leave it up to you to locate the source of the signals and report back."

The spy nodded and deployed Laserbeak, who took off to do as he was told.

~With Kitten~

Kitten groaned as her head, which was throbbing painfully, was hit in the head with a crumpled up piece of paper. She stared at it for a moment before looking up, hoping to find the culprit. Nobody was watching her, of snickering, everybody was either half asleep or texting as their teacher droned on. Sighing, she unfolded the piece of paper.

Meet me in the alley beside school after class.

Great. A mystery man wanting to talk to me. What did I do to deserve this? Kitten wondered miserably. Sighing again, she stuff the piece of paper into her jacket's breast pocket and turned her attention to the clock. School would be over in another two hours. She groaned in frustration and banged her head against her desk, causing her head to hurt even more.

Just hold in there a little longer Kitten, you're almost to the home stretch! She encouraged. Maybe two hours would pass by sooner if she drew...

Seven pieces of paper and ten or so erases later, Kitten found herself staring down at the robots she had seen before. The leader, Optimus, the medic, a bulky one, a female, and another male, taller than the female but shorter than the green robot. And by their feet-did they even call them feet?- was her cell phone bot.

She felt the sudden urge to find him. She had drawn him with is arms crossed, smirking back at her. Some how, his cocky, over confident look she had drawn seemed to fit him. The female had her arms crossed. The bulky one had both hands as fists and smashed together. The yellow one had his arms dangling and the wing like protrusions on his back held high. The medic had on hand on his hip. Optimus had his shoulders and back straight, his head held high and a small smile on his face, which seemed to fit.

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