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OK, you've probably realized this is a.....Mature chapter.

I don't even know how or why the is in here. Apparently, it's not a good book till you read the nasty happens according to my good friend Cecilia.

So feel free to skip I gotta blast so I'm gonna let Cecelia write this stuff.

Thanks, Cece Luv u❤️.

'The body is capable of sex long before the mind is mature enough to handle the emotions that go with it. Sex isn't just a fun thing like laser tag or bungee jumping, it is a powerful union between two souls. As a species, we are happiest with life long mates. That is why older adults often caution young people not to run in too fast, to take time and be sure. To feel the heady passion that sex brings without the love to keep the bond strong ultimately brings damage not easily repaired. That is why emerging adults need to truly understand the difference between passionate love and lust. One builds strong relationships, keeps our souls healthy and our self-esteem high, the other is fireworks in the moment but ultimately leaves us empty, shallow and addicted like the junkie.'

Bianca's POV🔸

I opened my eyes to total darkness. I was panting and sweat trickling down my forehead. My palms were sweaty and shaking. The pain had increased and I was howling my wolf begging for our mate. I scanned the room but there as no sign of my king.

Another wave of pain hit me and I screamed bloody murder. Then a growl erupted from outside and it shook the castle. I let out a huge howl calling out for Carlos. I couldn't move I was paralyzed. My hair was sticking to my forehead I was sweating so much. I harnessed all my strength and was able to slowly get up from the bed. I removed my clothes and did my best to run to the bathroom.

I turned the knob and filled the huge tub with frigid icy water. I climbed in and sat there for about 5 minutes until the water started to heat up because of my burning body temperature.

That's it I couldn't take it anymore I got up and threw on a huge white robe. I opened the doors to the room and followed Carlos's sent until I burst his office doors open. There he was sitting at his desk shaking. When I stepped closer to him he glanced at me and backed away. His shaking becomes more intense.

'What the actual f*ck he's acting like Edward when he first met Bella!'

"Carlos?" I asked lowly he growled

"CARLOS!" My tone immediately changed from calm and worried to anger and demanding.  I needed him, and I knew he wanted me. To claim me so all wolves knew I'd belong to him. I stood up and looked at me his eyes shined gold and were filled with lust.

"I....need..you," I said slowly

His jaw clenched and his hands gripped his desk harder

"Please," I begged and absolutely hate hate begging.

He stood there a small grin on his face. I groaned as another wave of tremendous pain hit me. I lost grip on the robe. It fell to the ground leaving me completely uncovered in front of him. I knew he could smell my arousal.

"Please....Claim me." That was all the needed to be said. I was lifted and carried back to the room by Carlos. When we entered the room he locked the door and stripped. He wrapped his arms around me from behind. One inhale of his musky scent and I want to turn around. His right-hand drops to my thigh and began caressing it.

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