River Ridge Part 10

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(Photo credit) Part of the Kakadu national park in The Northern Territory.

Jenny POV...

Getting home to River Ridge still took a couple of more days. But finally, we saw the Ridge in the distance as we began out decent onto the property. Seeing such diversity in the country side was amazing. I've never seen anything like it, I thought.

Looking out the window, I smiled thinking of the flights home. Especial the recent one with Annie. Then I looked at Mum and smiled at her too.

"Nearly there, aren't we?" I asked her feeling much better than I had in a long time. I think too that I was feeling better because I had others with us, like the kids. I smile as I look at them. They were all asleep finally, which gave all the adults a much needed rest.

Thinking back on one of the chats I had with Annie..

"Did you ever decide what you are going to do when you grow up, Jenny?" This voice asked from across from me. Some of the chairs had been taken out to make way for my stretcher. And the other seats had to be changed around to make way for any medical staff that might need to work on me at any given notice.

I saw it was Annie that spoke. She said I could call her by her first name. In fact, they all did. Except Vi, I call her Mum now, thinking with a twinge about my real parents that I doubt I would ever see again.

"I wanted to go into Earth Science." I said to her.

"How exciting. I did too." Annie said getting a little excited. Then she surprised me by coming over and sitting on the floor next to me. She did that in a bit of a clumsy way.

"When I had my accident, I had to change everything I wanted to do in the future. I wanted to be a volcanologist with majoring in Geology. I was so fascinated with the earth and how it works." Annie was saying.

" I know. I get fascinated with all the layers of the soils and how they affect certain plants and animal life in certain areas. But you know what really fascinates me?" I asked her really excitingly.

"No, what?" She asked me quietly. We had to be quiet so we didn't wake the little ones up.

"I like grass." I said to her.

"Grass?" She looked at me with a questioning look.

"Grass is so fragile, isn't it?" I asked her feeling really excited.

"Yes, it is." She said looking at me waiting for what I was going to say.

"Yet one blade of grass can break through cement and concrete and crack it. How cool is that?" I said to her. She looked amazed at what I said.

"I never realised that and I majored in Earth Science." She said as she looked at me.

Then we spent the rest of the time quietly talking about how we thought our earth worked and talked about some what if's should they happen. It was really interesting to talk to Annie about something we obviously have in common. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat.

"Guess what, Annie?" I asked her really quiet this time.

"What Jenny?" She asked me as she leaned in really close to me.

"I'm a member of Mensa International." I said very, very quietly as if it was a secret.

"Are you? Do you know anyone else that's a member?" She asked very seriously.

" I know a couple, but only their code names." I said to her in a hush, hush voice as I leaned really close to her.

"Does your Mum know?" She asked me.

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