treblehearts Presents: The First One

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Hey, y'all it's Jesse! I'm also known as treblehearts here on wattpad, that one girl who decided to write a story through a guy's point of view and it went off pretty well? It's called A Thousand Words and I'm here to give you guys an exclusive prequel chapter. This is set years before A Thousand Words and narrated by a lady named Sylvia. Those who are already familiar with her character will get a kick out of this because this is where it – and I mean the secret it that I won't mention because that'd be a spoiler – started, with a little girl named Jessica ;) Hope you enjoy!

* * *


By Jesse (aka treblehearts)

I thought I was dreaming. It could've been my imagination, or my old ears failing me already. But the sound was too mournful, too heartbreakingly real for it to be anything else. It was the sound of a child weeping.

The cries of that child resonated with the heavy pour of rain. I lay awake in my bed, listening intently with dread building within me. What was that poor thing doing out there at a time like this, and in such terrible weather no less? Oh, my heart ached to go aid the child who sounded like she was in such distress. I stayed where I was, just for a few moments, lying in hope that perhaps the guardian of that child would calm the crying. The wait was left in vain, for the moment of peace never came and the child's cries remained unwavering into the night.

I hurriedly took my robe from where it lay on my desk chair and put it on as I went down the steps. The noise seemed to grow louder as I drew closer to the door. Swinging it open, I was prepared to run out into the rain with my umbrella. If I hadn't stopped dead in my tracks, I would've stumbled over a small, young girl sitting outside my doorstep. She was the source of the crying.

"Heavens, what are you doing out here?" I cried, crouching down beside her. She couldn't have been over five or six years old! If she heard me, she hardly seemed to care. The flimsy jacket she had on did a lousy job keeping her warm, as her whole body was racked with violent shivers. Her blonde hair  stuck to her face and shoulders.

So many questions jumbled together into a pile of messy curiosity inside my head, but I shoved that aside for later.

I placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Please, come inside. You'll catch a cold if you stay out here any longer."

Thankful for the little resistance she gave as I gently pulled her to her feet and led her inside, I closed the door and said, "Wait here. I will get you a towel."

A small puddle had formed around her by the time I came down. "Here you go," I said as I kneeled down and wrapped the towel around her trembling body. Though her loud cries died down when I brought her in, silent tears continued to stream down her face. I swiped at them with my thumb.

Speaking in a soft tone as I dried her off, I asked, "What's your name, Sweetie?"

"Jessica," she answered. Her voice was good as gone.

"Well, I'm Sylvia. And how old are you, Jessica?" She held her hand up, showing me four fingers.

My frown deepened. "And your parents? Surely there's someone looking for you. They must be worried sick, especially with the weather so terrible outside. Is there anyone I can contact to come pick you up?"

This is where Jessica dropped silent. A shake of her head was the only response I would receive if I tried to ask anymore about her parents, where she came from, or how she found herself out here. Suffice to say, by the time I had her wrapped up in nothing but a big blanket as all her clothes were in the dryer, I was left with very minimal information about who Jessica was. With nothing but negative answers to almost every question, I began to question if she knew much about herself or what had happened.

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