This is for @Futon_Company 's "Take me to Candyland, Cupcake" challenge! My candy is... Mint!!


Tastes Like Mint

Rated R

"Ugh, I just feel horrible, Ann," I groaned into my cell phone.

"That's to be expected," she said seriously. "After what that asscake man-whore did--"

"I meant physically," I said, interrupting what was sure to be yet another rant that would only end up with me feeling even worse about it than before.

I sighed and rolled over on my bed from my stomach to my back.

"Seriously, Ann, I think I have the flu."

"Stomach or lungs?"

My stomach gurgled at me and bile began to rise in my throat. I quickly swallowed it down, grimacing as some of it touched my tongue.

"Stomach. Definitely stomach."

"I'm sorry, Isaac," she said, actually sounding remorseful. "I'll be over right away!"

"No, stay there with Leon. I'd hate to ruin your guys' anniversary."

Ann hesitated over the phone, and I could imagine her chewing on her lip as she thought.

"Are you sure?" she asked finally.

"Positive," I told her as I slowly sat up. "I'm just gonna go to the store and get some mints to settle my stomach."

"Are you sure you should be driving?" she asked worriedly.

"I'll be fine. Besides, I only have flu medication here, and you know that stuff doesn't work on me," I told her has I stood up from my bed.

A wave of nausea and light-headedness passed over me and I hastily leaned against the wall, turning the bottom part of the phone away from my mouth so Ann couldn't hear me panting heavily.

"I guess you're right," Ann said.

"I'm definitely right," I told her as I grabbed my wallet and stuffed it into my sweatpants pocket.

"I'm going to bed when I get home, so don't expect a text or call from me," I warned her.

"Don't worry, I'm sure by that time I'll be fully celebrating my anniversary, if you know what I mean," she said in a sultry voice.

"Gross, straight sex!" I exclaimed while fake gagging.

"Go get your mint candies, weirdo," she laughed.

I said goodbye and hung up, putting my phone in my pocket. I slowly walked out of my bedroom and into the entryway of my apartment. Boxes were still piled up, broadcasting to all who entered that I had recently moved in.

I shoved on a pair of boots and my winter coat before grabbing my keys and leaving my new home.

The drive was only about ten minutes long, and I blasted the radio in an attempt to not think about Derek, otherwise known as 'that asscake man-whore'. It didn't exactly help, being that one of our favorite bands was playing. I quickly shut off the radio and forced myself to think about how I would paint my new apartment until I arrived at the supermarket.

Right when I entered, I heard an announcement over the intercom.

"Attention shoppers! The store will be closing in five minutes. Please make your way to the checkout quickly."

I knew that I didn't have much time, but I also knew they wouldn't have what I need at the checkout. I'd have to run over to the candy aisle.

I quickly ran down to the grocery section of the store and found the candy aisle. Once I found it, however, I groaned softly. They only had one small bag of mints left, which would never last me. Mints weren't only the single thing that could curb my nausea, but were my favorite scent and candy.

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