Chapter 24

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Stealing Hearts 7/23/13

Chapter 24 (Sorry it took so long, I’m in marching band camp now… Then with all the One Direction twitter… You guys must understand that)

Niall’s POV

Even on a rainy day like this, a smile continues to shine on my pale Irish face. My blue eyes have never been brighter better. A little blush stays constant on my face. The lads have been curious to what has made me so happy. Course, they think it has something to do with the return of Allison. Her grey eyes shine bluer by the day and shinier by night. Her brown hair has seemed to gotten longer then from the last time I’ve seen it. Her whole aura seems to be filled with freedom and happiness.

Is that even possible?


“Damn it Niall, if you don’t start payin attention, I will have to slap you or something.” Louis says clearly irritated that I wasn’t paying attention.

“M’sorry Lou! Just day dreamin again. What’s it ya were sayin?”

“NO!” The lads yell making sure Louis doesn’t start up his story, which was painfully long by the looks of it. Liam and Zayn looked ready to throw Louis out the sunroof to get away from his story. Harry sat there trying to have an interested look plastered onto his face to try and keep his boyfriend happy.

“I’ll tell Allison. She’ll appreciate me!” he says huffing, crossing his arms over his chest in annoyance. Zayn snickers at the older boy who was acting much younger then he actually is. Liam rolls his eyes; secretly wishing he could’ve took the other car with the bodyguards.  At the name of Allison, I thought about how I should take my girlfriend on a date. The best date she’s ever had, and that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. She’ll get all dressed up in her Allison way, still making sure she wasn’t treated like a girl. I’d make everything perfect. The stars will shine bright, lighting up our romantic dinner. Little lantern candlelight’s will hang around us as she admires the view and I admire her. It’d be-



“Louis.” I growl clinching my teeth together glaring at the older boy who is now cowering into his younger boyfriend’s arms. Harry wraps his arms around Louis middle firmly bringing him closer. I roll my eyes at the protective boyfriend crossing my arms slouching into the car’s seat. Zayn gives me a questioning look. The one were he has an eyebrow raised up, and one down low. I avoid his eye contact looking out the window instead.

“Niall’s hiding something from us!” Louis yells understanding what Zayn did. The lads snap their necks towards me in a rush. Questions start being thrown from every angle of the van.

“Were here.” The driver’s announces rubbing his forehead in pain from having us in his car. The bodyguards walk towards our car, already forming a plan to get us inside without being noticed. Each lad has two bodyguards dragging us in by each arm. Liam and Harry got through the doors and into the building when the first scream let lose. We turn our heads towards a young teenage girl standing in front of the van. She held tears in her eyes, pointing her wobbly hand at us.

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