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Her cool ice eyes cast down when her husband began to chat with some of his business partners. She just stood next to him sipping on her champagne.

She had been married to Alessio Addonizio for five years now and still she loomed behind his shadow to hide away from the attention they would always get. Both their parents had arranged their marriage since birth and so there was no love at the beginning but from her side love had grown as the years passed by his side. She noticed every little thing he did and she accepted all his imperfections even if he never really did notice her unless in the limelight of the paparazzi. They were seen as the perfect couple by the media and the outside world, but what they didn't know was that behind closed doors the love in his eyes diminished, yet in hers, it was the same. She could be referred to as a lovesick puppy but once you have spent so much time with someone feelings are bound to happen. If either it is love or hate towards the person.

"Mrs. Addonizio, what are your thoughts on your companies new partners in China your Alessio has seemed to wrap around his finger?" Allen White asked as he stared at the shy beauty that hid behind her husband's shoulder. Her captivating eyes lifted to look at the young man that had been talking to Alessio for the past thirty or so minutes. She looked up to her right and caught Alessio's gaze as if to ask him on what to say. She could not read anything but emptiness and so she looked back at Allen White and responded all on her own.

"I think it was a great move on Alessio's part. Jin Lee's exporting company is one of the best in the nation and for Alessio to snag their attention was a really vigorous move to success. Now that they are partners Addonizio's path is endless." Her voice was small and shy yet Allen caught on to every word she said. She truly was not just a beauty but a beauty with a brain. Her usage of words stunned him and it made him wonder why she wasn't a more seen face in Addonizio's company name, she truly was something that was not meant to be hidden behind a wall.

"That was a very thought out response, Mrs. Addonizio. Why does Alessio hide you from the public's view during business discussion's if you were to be my wife heck I wouldn't talk one bit and give the spotlight to you." His eyes twinkled with glee as he noticed her cheeks start to paint a light shade of pink. His best friends wife had fascinated him since the day he met her but he always had to remind himself she was not his even though he had always wanted that to change. He knew about their arranged marriage and envied Alessio for having her as his. He knew though that Alessio had never felt any attraction towards the raven haired beauty. If she had been his, she would have been sitting on the thrown of a queen next to him.

Alessio noticed his friend's fond gaze that was directed towards his wife. He had always noticed it but never do say anything about it. For some odd reason though it had always disturbed him the way he looked at her. It was as if he had fallen in love with his wife. Although Alessio had never really felt an attraction towards his young wife he felt the need to protect what was his. And she was his. She had been his for over five years and although he knew she hadn't noticed he really did care about her well being. But in him, he saw her as more of someone who he loved as family and nothing more. He might have been seen as a heartless man by man but in that cold heart of his a small fire did burn for his wife's well-being and having other men stare at her with lust made something in him burn deeper than what he thought was possible. It was jealousy although he never wanted to admit that to himself. But he was jealous of the effect she had on other men that were not him.

Alessio had not really known how he really felt about her but at times, he asked himself if he should try to be the husband she deserved. But in him, he knew he couldn't because sin followed him in the form of his mistresses.

"I'm not really the business type of woman Mr White, but you already know that." Her voice came like velvet and he looked down at her gaining himself a small smile from her plump lips. He had always imagined if they still tasted the same since the last time he had kissed her lips, which was on their wedding day.

"Of course. Ballet right?" Allen asked even though he knew her answer to his question.

"Yes, Mr White." A smile grew upon his lips as her cheeks grew more flushed. This action of his did not go unnoticed by his dear friend. Alessio instantly wrapped his arm around the woman's small waist as if to claim she was his. Allen caught on to his friends territorial movement and internally hit himself for flirting with her right in front of him. Allen knew that Alessio had no love for her but it still didn't mean he was greedy about anything and everything that was his and his only.

"I'm feeling a bit tired, maybe we should go," he said directing the sentence towards his wife and ignoring his friend who stood a few feet away from them

"But the auction has not started yet." Her voice betrayed her inner feelings. She did not want to go home yet. Not when she knew that he would not acknowledge her fully until another even came around or they were in the spotlight of photographers. She wanted to be close to him for just a little while more, but she knew that could not happen and so soon she just nodded her head in submission and let herself be escorted out by the tall and brooding young man.


Her eyes flickered open a bit as she felt the cool spring wind surge against her face, but she closed them again. She cuddled against the soft fabric on her right side and tugged it closer to her out of instincts. The smell of old spice overwhelmed her and she let out a small moan at the richness of the scent, of that very familiar scent.

Alessio's body stiffened at the sound of her lovely moan. It sent an electric shock to that one part of his body. He tried his hardest to ignore it as he made his way out of the elevator and walked to the penthouse suite they were staying at for their visit in Seattle.

He managed to open the door while still holding the sleeping girl in his arms. Once inside he walked her to her bedroom and neatly laid her on the mattress. Her heels were taken off one by one and he set them on the floor next to the bed. He was tempted to take off her silk gown off but he instead would get a girl employee dress her without waking her. For now, all he did was cover her in the fair pink blanket. A hand of his pushed the hair that had fallen on her face away and he caressed her cheek.

She was a true beauty in his eyes, but nothing could happen. He had not attempted to gain her love or affection for the fear that he might hurt her when he was no longer interested. He had held himself out towards the way she made him feel for a good reason. He couldn't hurt someone like her who would expect more. That more being love.

He walked out of the room but before closing the door he looked back at her and in a faint voice said, "Goodnight Ines."

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