The Power of Words

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Remember when words meant more than the world?

When the letters fashioned castles,

made of stones, glass and gold.

Words that brought on summer, with winds drenched in heat

and countless winters; cruel and cold. 

Sentences that killed and brought to life,

murdered the innocent and resurrected the dead.

I remember a story about a man and his wife,

only that the wife betrayed him 

and he took his own life.

And if I'd known that endings differ from one story to another,

I might have read about the boy and his brother,

who saved each other as the world looked on in silence.

Is it that hard to imagine

that the same letters,

that compose letters of desire, sent to a lover,

have also been used to bring destruction?

It is odd how easily you can weave the words together, 

sometimes they mean nothing, weigh no more than a feather,

but sometimes the words, if you give them enough care,

can grow to fill oceans, grow as vicious as a bear.

They can attack or they can heal,

it is with your voice that you command them,

your choice that can change them.

So the next time you choose to use  words of hate,

to express your ugly thoughts,

remember it's never to late, 

to change those words' fate,

and turn it into a message of love.

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