Chapter Seven - The Tour

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             We talk a little more before I go and get ready to tour my new division. Grabbing our phones and a set of keys, we walk through a door off the kitchen that leads to a patio and a garage. A sleek black car sits inside. Liam walks around and opens the car door for me. I slip in and smile. I never understood why my dad did little things like that for my mother, but experiencing it I feel cared for. Liam programs the GPS to Leah's house and joins me in the back seat. 

           The car ride was so much more luxurious than the buses we use for transportation in Ford Division. It practices swift turns and smooth braking. The car pulls into a driveway and announces that we have reached our destination. Looking at the large house I see beautiful stone work and lots of windows. After my eyes have taken in every inch of it I realize that the frame and design is very familiar. I turn around to see a smiling Liam. This isn't Leah's house it's ours.

            I am handed a key and I walk to the front door. Opening it we walk in to see every color, theme, and piece of furniture we ordered in place. We selected them just yesterday and everything has been done and the house is ready to be lived in. I walk around and examine everything, Liam trailing behind me. Just three days ago I was living with my parents awaiting my future and now, I am here.

           We walk into our bedroom I take in it's warm color pallet. Behind me Liam speaks, "It's all ready, we can move in whenever you want." I stop and think about it. It is a beautiful house and it is all finished but I don't think I am ready to live alone with Liam. I want to take my time before settling down. I want to wait until after we are married, even though it is a while off. I explain to Liam what I am thinking. I wait anxiously for his reply.

             "We can wait till the end of time if we need to, though I prefer we don't." I laugh and so does he. Stopping I look at him. I take in the plains of his face, the hue of his skin, and the color of his eyes. He looks at me the same way. Each taking a step closer my arms snake around his neck and he pulls me by the waist. Leaning in, our lips meet in a slow kiss, colors dancing behind my eyelids and every nerve ending in my body comes to life. We pull back for a moment before he feathers another kiss on my lips. 

              I rest my head on his chest content to stand and think about where we go from here. I think about the way things used to be and wonder why anyone would wait five years to get engaged and married. But unlike most people today I also wonder how you could decide to marry within a week. In the past people would have children at thirty and now most people have kids at seventeen. I shiver thinking that it soon could be me. The world has changed so much in the past 200 years. I have changed so much in the past three days. You can never live to see the future you can only live for the day.


                 We round another corner and Liam points out the gathering building. He shifts his hand to the left. "That is the files building. All important historical documents that survived the war are housed there. The second building on the right is the UIC or Unit of International Communications." I had heard about other places that had survivors of the dry war, though none were close to us or as prosperous.

             Our tour continues as we meander through the business sector. "What kind of clothes did they wear?" I ask as we walk past a statue of Terrence Brooks. "The kind everyone wore in his time." Liam answers. I punch him in the arm and he throws me over his shoulder. "It's illegal to attack Directors you know." He says giving me a sly smile. I have to laugh at his corny joke. After a few minutes we get in the car to drop Leah off and go to our Life Partner Meeting.


             "Fill out the surveys that are on the tables." The grumpy director instructs. At the top we sign our names and Liam's handwriting is surprisingly neat. We fill out the following information and take the sheet up to the desk of the Genealogy Director and receive a unintelligible grunt before being handed another paper. 

              On this sheet we are asked about our feelings on the relationship and where we were physically and emotionally. It was awkward to say the least, to sit down and analyze our relationship. But quicker than expected it was over, and we were beginning to leave when the Director called us back over.

               "Your training starts 8:00 sharp tomorrow Carmen. Not a minute later. Did you know your assignment could still be revoked" "Yes Director Shannon." I reply like a well mannered school girl. Trying not to roll my eyes Liam and I walk out hand in hand.

             I wonder how such an abrasive woman could have a job that revolves around personal relationships. I push it from my head while getting in the car with Liam. Heading back to our temporary home I wonder how long a system can efficiently work before change is needed or forced.


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