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Niall Horan Imagine #2

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Your P.O.V.

I was at home on a Christmas Eve (if you don't celebrate that sorry buhh go with it for me please)waiting for the cookies I just put in the oven to be ready. I was having a get together celebration with One Direction I know they are a pop sensation but they are all like family to me I meet them about two years back. They are all like my brothers I love them all but there is one in particular that I truly love more than a brother and that would be Niall. Sadly I know he will never go for me though.


oh everyone must be here I open the door and I see all their beautiful faces and the first person I see is Liam.

Me: Hey Li come in

Liam: Thanks, Love

*brotherly hug then goes inside*

Zayn: Hey

Me: Hey Zayn come in

*brotherly hug then goes inside*

Harry: Ello Love

Me: Hey Harry

*brotherly hug and kiss on the cheek then goes inside*

Louis:Hey there love

Me: Come on in make yourself at home

*brotherly hug and ruffles your hair then goes inside*

Niall:*blushes* H-hey (y/n)

Me: *blushes too* Hey Nn-iall um............come inside.........

Then everyone sits down and has dinner. After dinner we all sit in the living room watching tv and Niall went to the kitchen for more food for him self. When Niall came back all the seats were occupied except for the one next to me. When he sat down I blushed and so did he all the boys were smirking at us.

*Hour Later*

Louis: Lets play truth or dare

Everyone: Alright

Louis: Liam truth or dare

Liam: Truth

Louis: Ughh Your no fun *makes childish pouty face* but ok fine is it true that you peed your self infront of a girl once

Liam: Yes its true

Liam: Harry truth or dare

Harry knew Liam wouldn't give him a bad dare so he picked dare.

Liam: Alright bud I dare you to kiss (y/n)

Harry also knew Niall had a major crush on (y/n) and (y/n) had one on Niall so he decided to be smart and just peck her cheek. And Niall looked beyond pissed.

Liam: Hey I meant to kiss her on the lips

Harry :You didn't say where you just told me to kiss her

Harry: Niall truth or dare

Niall: Dare me mate

Harry: I dare you to French Kiss with (y/n) for 5 mins. straight I will time you guys on my phone

So Niall happy as ever comes close to you, then starts to lean in and kisses you with such passion you could feel the sparks as they would say in a cliché movie, his soft warm lips on your plump cold ones then,with his pink soft long tongue he started to part your delicate lips, and enter your mouth as did you with your tongue, your tongues battled for dominance but your were enjoying the sensation so much you couldn't fight, then Niall started to rome your mouth, he didn't leave one bit untouched and just when you were enjoying it the most the timer went off.
After you guys parted Niall asked a question you would have thought never it would of come in a million years.

Niall: Would you do me the honor of being my princess so I can be you prince


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