I wake up smiling. Oh yeah. It was all a dream. I could never imagine Luhan to do all those stuff. 

I got off the bed and did my stuff. After, I got a blue t-shirt and blue jeans and quickly put them on. Of course, in less than half an hour after waking up, I was done with my stuff.

I walked to the living room looking for all of them. But they weren't there. I then walked to the bathroom of the living room to see if they were they. But they weren't. I couldn't find them. I looked at the dancing room, the video room, the cinema room, the garage, the bar room, the recording room, and the kitchen. No one was there. I then started knocking to all of their room one at a time but no one answered and when I opened them, no one was there.

Where could they have been? I then looked at the one last living room that I haven't looked. The dining room.

i then went inside the dining room. To my surprise, there was a note:

To: Julliet

You might be wondering where we are right now and why we aren't home. Well, we're practicing. We're sorry we didn't tell you. It's just that when we were going to wake you up, all of us saw that you were sleeping beautifully and peacefully so we didn't bother anymore. Anyway, we aren't sure what time we'll be back so just wait for us. We miss you now!

Love: EXO

Awww. They're so sweet.


Author's note: I'm so sorry for extremely late update. I know I had a poll that I'd update each week but I just had school and other stuff. So, here. Anyway, I'm so glad you guys are still reading. LOVE YOU ALL!

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