I got to school and walked straight to my locker. I ignored several people trying to get my attention.

Books. Books. Where the hell are my books?!

I slammed my hand on the locker frustrated. I forgot Raquan put my books in his locker because we were too lazy to bring it back to mine.

I shut the metal door groaning and started what felt like a walk that lasted 2 hours, but was actually 2 minutes. Since it was just the next hall over.


I pulled up to the front of the school where kids were running so they wouldn't get caught by the bell.

I put the car in park and rested my head in my hand.

"Aight get out. "

Travis gave me a look not moving. "Bye?"

I groaned and reached over to give him a hug. My brother isn't gay, but he's very affectionate. He was never shown that as a kid ,so I try to show him as much love as I can.

"Love you bro."

I patted him on the back as he got out. It was only 3 seconds until a group of girls flocked to him.

"Aye!! Stay away from them hoes."

I shook my head with a smirk on my face. My car started up again and I was about to peel off when my door opened.

"Yo who the f-"

"Where do you think your going?"

Craig said blocking the door so I couldn't close it.


I tried pushing him so I could but he wouldn't budge.

"No your not."

"And how are you going to stop me?"

Suddenly the rumbling of the engine came to a sudden stop.

"That's how."

He smirked and pointed to Jacob who was holding the keys to the ignition.

That sneaky bastard

"Why won't you let me leave?"

"Because your gonna tell us what happened with Faith last night. The whole story."

My grip on the steering wheel tightened.

"She left me. The End. Now give me back my damn keys."


"Y'all aren't gonna get me out of my car."

"Oh really? Chresanto he's resisting."

Oh shit. Chres came over to Craig's side and cracked his knuckles.

They both grabbed onto me and threw me on the ground. Jacob gave the keys back to Chres and he hopped in my drivers seat.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm just parking it chill out. But you won't get your keys back until the end of the day."

I groaned as I pulled my self up from the ground. He sped off with my car before I could say anything else.

"I don't even had my bag"

"Yes you do."

Jacob reached behind him and grabbed my backpack off the curb.

"How did you get this?" I squinted my eyes at him.

He held up his keys.

"I have a key to your house. I got the idea from my baby, It really comes in handy."

I walked up to him and snatched him by his shirt.

"If you take any of my shit I will know so don't even try it Perez . "

He grabbed my hands and took them off his shirt.

"Chill Smith."

"Come on Bro we don't want to be that late to class." Craig put his arm around my shoulders.

We walked to my locker so I could get my text book out of it. I was explaining what happened to the last night.

"She was sitting there crying her eyes out. And that A-hole just left her there. I don't know what it is about that guy but I have a bad feeling about him."

"Um Ray."


Jacob was smirking and Craig pointed behind me.


We were standing face to face.

"Hey Craig hey jake."

I said waving at them.

"Hey Faith."

I rested my eyes rested back on Ray. Who was giving my hair a stank look.


"What do you want?"

He said giving me a cold malevolent stare.

"My textbook is in your locker. Give it to me."

I held out my hand and he sucked his teeth getting it out.


He dropped it on the floor right in front of me. Making a loud hard sound and catching the attention of bystanders.

"Why do you have to be such a brat?"

I squatted down to pick up my book.

"Oh. I'm the brat?!"

I rolled my eyes and leaned on a locker because my cramps started to kick in.


Well that set him off. He started yelling and making a scene.

"Your a brat!! A SPOILED brat!! And you've also Been pretty damn stupid lately. When that boy breaks your heart I hope you don't expect anyone to feel bad for you. Because I guarantee that nobody willl!!"

All the instigators on the side started to do what they do best. Instigating.

"Why are you yelling at me?"

For no reason I started to cry. I really hate getting my period.

"Why are you crying? Your weren't crying last night when you were kissing on Mason!!"

I saw someone come from behind him and touch his shoulder.

"Ray baby calm down."

My eyes were blurry with tears. But I could hear that mix of valley girl with an Italian accent.

"Go away Melody!!" I yelled at her.

"Why it's not like this is your boyfriend. You go with that new kid. Right Ray?"

She ran her dirty fingers through his hair. The hair I used to wash and braid. The same hair I played with when I was bored or when I wanted something. The hair that always smelled like cinnamon and cedar wood.


He came up to me and gently pushed his body on mine. He started talking so that i could only hear him.

"I hope you realize what you've done. I hope you cry hurting every night knowing that Mason was the wrong choice. No one will ever love you like I did."

I was on the verge of tears.

He cut me off quick

"Shut Up! Im talking. I gave you whatever I could to make you happy. And I don't have much. So when that guy gets what he wants he's just going to leave you. He doesn't care about who you are. Only who your daddy is. Why can't you see that?"

He was shaking and tears were pouring down my face. I got a really bad cramp and I cringed in pain.

"But you see I care about you too much. For when that glorious day comes ill still care for you."

He slumped his shoulders.

"Hopefully another girl hasn't taken your place by then."

He slammed his locker shut and swung his bag over his shoulder.

The instigators stayed to see what I would do. And as soon as Raquan turned his back to me I collapsed on the floor bawling. Not soon after I felt multiple hands grab me.

It was my friends. The picked me up to take me from the embarrassment but it was obviously too late because most of them already recorded it and uploaded it to Facebook.

In the meantime they led me to the bathroom and kicked everyone out so we could be alone.

"Faith stop crying."

Arianna said reaching into her purse

"I-I can't I-I'm on my p-period"

"I know we get ours the same day remember?" She handed me some Midol and a bottle of water. A couple of minutes later just a couple of tears were running down my face.

"What happened Fe? Why did you kiss him?" Jocelyn asked putting her arm around my shoulder.

"I don't know. It just happened I didn't want to but I enjoyed going on a actual date. Ray can't take me Any where. We haven't been on a date in forever. "

Aaliyah gave me the "I'm gonna rant" look.

"Look. I'm gonna be real with you. You know your wrong for this. That boy would rob a bank for you if you Asked. He stole for you so I'm not gonna give you any sympathy. You knew what you were doing. "

"You don't understand. "

"No I understand. We all understand but you need to grow up and realize that you can't have everything you want. So don't give me none of that. "

I know she's right. You don't have to tell me.

"So now that you have Mason you better not have anything else to complain about. "

Joie laughed

"Yeah she does because now all those girls are going to go after Ray. And you know she's gonna be tight. "

"Whatever can we leave now I have class"

I hopped off the counter and walked took my bag.


"You know them girls gonna think your weak now right?"

I shrugged

" If they wanna try my life then they can do so. I hope they're not surprised when they get this backhand."

I opened the bathroom door and walked out with all the physical pain gone but the mental pain still present.

S/O to JQueenTheCreator13 read her stories there actually really good ☺. Sorry it took so long.

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