Chapter Two

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"Mulder, this is too much." Scully says while eying the most cliche, dark, haunted looking house. It stood out in the neighborhood like a sore thumb.

"C'mon, didn't you ever go to those haunted mansion tours during Halloween?" Mulder says as he pushes open the door. (And yes, it did make an eery squeak.)

"Once or twice in high school. Wasn't more than kids dressed with a few packets of fake blood and clown makeup." Scully turns on her flashlight.

"Before you ask, yes, I did have to investigate at night. I'm not going to wait till morning." Their plane landed late in the evening, and Mulder wanted to go as soon as possible. Mulder looks for a light switch, only all the light bulbs are burned out.

"Alright, it is pretty cliche." Mulder admits, stepping into the living room.

"Here it is." Scully says, looking at the enormous smear of dried blood on the cracked wood floors.

Flicking his flashlight a bit, Mulder sees mirrors covering the entire room. Broken glass is littered everywhere, some pieces blood stained.

"Y'know, I made a few phone calls, and apparently she used a shard of glass to slit her throat." Mulder whispers, stepping carefully, as to avoid stepping on any more glass.

"She must have had some kind of self obsession." Scully peers into a mirror after wiping off some dust.

Something moves behind her, she can see it in the reflection. Scully blinks and looks again into the mirror. Nothing. She must simply be more tired than she thought.

She turns to continue investigating, but she feels stuck.

"Mulder, there's something wrong. I can't move." Scully says calmly, trying to think rationally. Her face was practically frozen, facing the mirror.

Mulder runs to help, tugging on her arm. She stays, stiff as stone. She can only move her lips and blink.

"This doesn't make any sense?" Mulder's looks over her body. "Are you sick?"

"I saw something in the mirror. It was very quick, but - there it is again!" Scully exclaims, her eyes widening. She can see more clear now.

It's a face, something straight from a horror film. Gruesome and twisted, as if the flesh was melted candle wax. It stares at Scully, grinning with all jagged teeth showing.

I haven't written in such a long time, and I'm sorry. I had writer's block for some time, and then we lost WiFi for some time.
Anyway, I'm back, and I'll try to more consistent with updates :)

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