The Dictionary Of The Craziest And Most Hilarious Words In History!

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So this is a basic dictionary of mostly made up words, old english words and random ones I find so funny and just HAVE to put in here. I know it sounds crazy but that's what i was kind of hoping for! :D


Eccentricness: A better version of eccentric

I just don't understand your Eccentricness sometimes.

Ragemones: Purberty = Rage and Hormones!

Courtesy of WALTERS4YOU for giving me that word. P.s I have no idea how to put that in a sentence!

Agastopia: admiration for a particular part of someones body

Example: "Jason stop staring at my legs. Your agastopia is freaking me out!"

Bibble: To eat or drink often. Also an english fictional snack of dyed popcorn. 

On the TV series "Victorious" there is an episode where they eat bibble.

Doodle Sack: Old english word for a set of bagpipes.

"Hey Joe. Get me my Doodle Sack for me."

Impignorate: To pawn or mortgage something.

"We have to Impignorate our house."

Kakorrhaphiophobia: A fear of failure

This is the last word that soemone with Kakorrhaphiophobia would want to encounter in a spelling bee.

Macrosmatic: Having a good sense of smell

Being macrosmatic must have it's advantages.

Nudiustertian: The day before yesterday

NOT a martian nudist people!

Oxter: Outdated word meaning "armpit"

NOT  a creature that is half ox half otter people!

Pauciloquent: uttering a few words, brief in speech

If you had to figure out how to use this word in context, you probably wouldn't say much either.

Quire: 2 dozen sheets of paper

"Get me a quire of paper" (I think you could say it like that)

Majorly: A better version of really

"Life majorly sucks" (that's only an example not that i think life sucks)


Wow 80 reads! yay! 

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