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Dylan and I were sitting on the couch when the mailman came to the door and dropped off the mail. I went to go pick it up and saw that Holland had sent us a Halloween party invitation.

"Hey Dyl," I said to him walking over to him looking at the invitation. "What is it babe?" he asked me not peeling his eyes off of the game on TV. "Holland invited us to a Halloween party," I told him sitting down next to him on the couch. He put his arm around me,"When is it?" he asked.

"Umm... Halloween," I said laughing at him. "Oh... haha..." he said sarcastically laughing. "How far away is Halloween?" he asked me again. "It's in two days." I told him playing with his hand that was rested on my leg. "Do you want to go?' I asked looking up at him. "Yeah sure. Why not?" he asked.

I smiled. "Wait," I said standing up. "what are we going to go as?" He looked around thinking. "Why don't we dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Mets?!" he said standing up. I just looked at him as we both put our hands on our hips. "That sounds great," I said.


I spent the next day making our costumes. "They look great babe," Dylan said walking in and kissing my cheek as I hot-glued the ribbon. "Thanks," I say smiling up at him. "Why don't you take a break and we can do something," he said now standing behind me and massaging my shoulders.

"Like what?" I ask him smiling and turning around to look at him. He bent down to give me a soft kiss that turned into a more passionate one the longer it continued.

"A movie?" I asked, knowing that wasn't what he meant. He gave me a look while still having a small grin on his face. "Sometimes you have to play hard to get," I told him standing up and walking to the couch. "Yeah but, not when I already have you." He said plopping down next to me. "I don't have to get you anymore." I laughed as we went on Netflix and watched a cheesy romance movie.

We didn't watch much -we were a little preoccupied- but it seemed terrible. It didn't really bother us. That was kind of our thing. We loved watching terrible movies together and laughing at them.

When the movie was over I tried to make dinner. "Let me do it," Dylan said to me opening the freezer door. He made chicken and we sat at the table holding hands and talking about our day surrounded by the pieces of our costumes that we would be wearing tomorrow.

"I love you," Dylan said grabbing both of our plates and putting them in the sink. "I love you too," I said back to him.

He started to wash the dishes as I wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his back between his shoulder blades. He chuckled. "No no no," he said scrubbing a plate. "Not now," I looked at him with slight anger on my face but it was being covered with a a grin. "Sometimes you have to play hard to get," he mocked as he turned to plant a sloppy kiss on my lips. We both laughed and I sat back down at the table to finish our costumes.


The next day I had finished out costumes and we were about to leave for the party. "You look great babe," Dylan told me pulling me in for a kiss. I kissed him back then pulled away. "So you ready," He went to open the door for me but I pulled his hand away from the door handle. "Hold on," I told him. "We have to take a picture first."

He laughed at me as I jumped on his back and snapped a selfie. "Great," he said opening my door for me at last. "Can we go now?" We both laughed and I got in the car.

I watched him walk around to his side of the car and stared at him. I felt like the luckiest girl on earth. I was sitting next to the most amazing guy on the planet, driving to a Halloween party dressed as Mr. And Mrs. Met. How could it get any better?

We started driving to Holland's house and he took my small hand in his much larger one.

"You wanna know something?" Dylan asked me smiling. "What?" I played with his fingers that were carefully wrapped around mine.

"I wouldn't mind one day us being Mr. And Mrs. O'Brien." He looked at me and grinned. I grinned back and my cheeks turned so red that I looked like someone had squirted ketchup on them.

"Yeah," I told him at the red light. "I wouldn't mind that either." He looked over at me smiling and kissed me.

Dylan's POV

I kissed her at the red light and I realized, I never wanted to stop.


This was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and I knew it. Everyone knew it.

"I love you," I mumbled into her lips as we continued to kiss. Then I heard a honk that pulled us away. The light had turned green. We both laughed and continued on to the party.

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