The Kitten - A Teen Titans Fanfic

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Things you might need to know if you didn't really watch Teen Titans (which you're insane for, btw, lol):

Raven is an empath. She can heal herself and others to a certain extent--she's half demon, half human, and loves to read and meditate in peace.

Beast Boy is green and has the ability to morph into other animals, so he's a vegetarian. Cyborg, a half man, half metal robot, is a meat lover. They argue about it all of the time. He's also an animal lover.

Terra was someone that BB possibly loved, but betrayed the team (they're superheroes). Bb was pretty bummed about it.

Starfire's an alien, so she doesn't really understand himan customs and sayings.  

Oh, and Raven and BB kinda hate each other. He tells bad jokes to try and make her laugh, she throws him through windows. I believe that's just her way of showing affection :D

That's about it! 


For the first time in months, the Tower was absolutely silent. Robin and Starfire were out for the day. Cyborg had muttered something about a car show, walking out to his Baby in a daze, and Beast Boy had loudly proclaimed that he was going to the downtown arcade.

Of course, the annoying green teen had tried to cajole her into coming. Raven rolled her eyes at the thought of his goofy, excited expression.

Raven remembered the wounded expression that had been on his face when she’d said a very deadpan, “No.” But he’d perked up, so she had no reason to feel bad.

And there was the whole idea of the tower being quiet...

Raven allowed herself a small, barely-there smile at the thought. Holding a dark novel in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, the girl slowly walked from the kitchen into the common room and sat down, opening the book to her book marked page.

She had to enjoy the silence while she could--it was sure to end quickly.

As if mocking her, the doors to the elevator opened. Raven stifled a groan of annoyance as hurried footsteps made their way toward her.

A foul, rancid stench hit Raven’s nose. Her eyes bulged and she stifled the urge to clap a hand over her nose. Instead, she kept her eyes on her book, hoping that Beast Boy would go away and, preferably, take a shower.

His emotions were giving her a headache as well. There was a suffocating amount of grief and rage around Beast Boy. The cause could have easily been a series of losses at the arcade. Sadness often hovered around Beast Boy nowadays anyways, no matter how badly he tried to disguise it with bad jokes and tofu arguments.

Raven did not look up.


There was so much pain in his voice. He sounded on the verge of tears. But Beast Boy tended to become upset about the most idiotic things.

Mouth poised to give him a sarcastic tongue lashing for interrupting her and calling her that obscene nickname, Raven looked up.

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